0001 - IELP Tutoring
IELPAAE0000 - Graduate Academic English Program Deposit
IELPAAE0001 - Academic English for Graduate Students
IELPAAE0002 - Seminar in the Disciplines
IELPAAE0003 - Pronunciation
IELPAAE1115 - Graduate Student Workshop
IELPAAE1116 - Discover Philadelphia - GAE
IELPACT0001 - Intermediate Language and Culture
IELPACT0002 - Advanced Language and Culture
IELPACT0003 - ACT Enrichment Field Trip
IELPACT0005 - ACT Intermediate Integrated English
IELPACT0006 - ACT Advanced Integrated English
IELPACT0007 - ACT Intermediate Pronunciation and Presentation
IELPACT0008 - ACT Advanced Pronunciation and Presentation
IELPACT0009 - Mix and Mingle
IELPACT0010 - Field Trips - ACT
IELPBT0010 - Writing Class Observation and Reflection
IELPBT1001 - Teaching Methodology & Assessment Seminar
IELPBT1003 - Technological Applications in ESL Teaching
IELPBT1004 - Pronunciation
IELPBT2001 - Community Based Learning Project
IELPBT2002 - US History, Society & Culture Local Trip
IELPBT2003 - Computer Lab
IELPHS0000 - EducationUSA Academy at Temple Deposit
IELPSI0000 - 4-Week Super-Intensive English Program Deposit
IELPSI0001 - Intermediate Intensive Writing
IELPSI0002 - Advanced Intensive Writing
IELPSI0003 - Listening and Speaking
IELPSI0004 - Listening to Lectures
IELPSI0005 - Intermediate Pronunciation
IELPSI0006 - Advanced Pronunciation
IELPSI0007 - Writing Workshop
IELPSI0008 - English for STEM
IELPSI0009 - Discover Philadelphia
IELPSI0010 - American Cinema: Discussion and Critique
IELPSI0011 - Super Intensive Intermediate Integrated English
IELPSP0000 - Program Orientation
IELPSP0001 - Pre-College English and the Arts
IELPSP0002 - RED (Read, Essay, Debate)
IELPSP0003 - Intermediate Integrated English Skills
IELPSP0004 - Advanced Integrated English Skills
IELPSP0005 - Academic Boot Camp Writing Workshop
IELPSP0006 - Academic Boot Camp Academic Speaking
IELPSP0007 - University Experience
IELPSP0008 - Experience Temple University
IELPSP1001 - Democracy, Civics & Service in the 21st Century EFL Classroom
IELPSP1002 - 21st Century Teaching Methodology Workshop
IELPSP1003 - Culture Share Participant Presentations
IELPSP1004 - Cultural Excursion
IELPSP1005 - Site Visit (TEx)
IELPSP1006 - Technology Workshop & Virtual Classroom Experience
IELPSP1008 - Project Workshop - Teacher Exchange Program
IELPSP1234 - Red Program Enrollment Course
IELPSP1237 - University Admissions Workshop
IELPSP1238 - Education USA Elective
IELPSP1239 - Graduate Level English Communication (GLEC)
IELPSP1240 - Fox MSA Bootcamp