HBGCE0095 - Community Health Worker Training Program (Virtual Course)
HBGSUM0001 - Temple Summer Academy - Harrisburg Campus
HBGTOP0002 - Teen Outreach Program (TOP): Training of Facilitators (TOF)
OLLI101221 - Write Now: Improvisational Writing Workshop
OLLI2026 - Techniques for Writing Memoir, Fiction & Non-Fiction
ONCE0588 - Writing for the Business World
ONCE0597 - Social Media for Authors
ONCE0598 - Writing for the Children's Market from Idea to Contract
ONCE0599 - Writing Nonfiction: What You Need to Know
ONCE0658 - History as Fiction and Fiction as History (book discussion)
ONCE0671 - The Battle of Gettysburg
ONCE0684 - Write Your Personal Blog
ONCE0687 - Write Your Story, the One Only You Can Tell
ONCE0688 - Taking Yourself Seriously as a Writer
ONCE0707 - Families: Happy and Unhappy (book discussion)
ONCE0711 - Publishing Law
ONCE0713 - Telling Your Story: A Workshop in Writing Fiction and Memoir
ONCE0747 - Bookmaking and Publishing (2nd to 4th grades)
ONCE0770 - Beyond Whodunnit: Mysteries of Identity (book discussion)
ONCE0777 - Write a College Essay and Resume that Reflect the Real You
ONCE0781 - The Fictional Worlds of History (book discussion)
ONCE0803 - Islam in the 21st Century
ONCE0826 - High-Intensity College-Level Writing Immersion
ONCE0842 - Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book Series (2nd to 4th grades)
ONCE0859 - Writing News and Press Releases (online)
ONCE0862 - Creative Engagement through Thinking and Writing
ONCE0865 - A Terrible Beauty: Modern Irish Drama
ONCE0868 - Marriage: Better, Worse, or Not at All (book discussion)
ONCE0869 - Spanish Level 3
ONCE0875 - Effective Business Writing
ONCE0885 - Self-Promotion for Writers and Artists
ONCE0920 - Italian and the Arts: Renaissance, Opera and Cinema
ONCE0921 - Writing your Beloved, Hateful, or Unreliable Character: One-Day Workshop
ONCE0979 - Workshop Your Perfect Character
ONCE0983 - Point of View: Identity, Reformed (book discussion)
ONCE0989 - Spanish Level IV (Advanced Spanish)
ONCE1022 - Don't Let Your Story Go Untold
ONCE1026 - Using Details to Tell a Story
ONCE1057 - Creative Writing and Awesome Artists (2nd to 4th Graders)
ONCE1058 - Creative Writing and Awesome Artists (5th to 7th graders)
ONCE1059 - Creative Writing Workshop (8th and 9th graders)
ONCE1079 - Spy, Reporter, Sleuth: Women at Work (Online book discussion)
ONCE1113 - Working it Out: Meaning and Identity (book discussion)
Composing and Songwriting
Creative Writing
Reading Development
Writing Retreats and Workshops