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Enhance your skills. Expand your knowledge. Pursue a passion.

Temple University Non-credit and Continuing Education provides all types of learning and educational experiences for the community. Browse our catalog or delve deeper into an area that strikes your interest.

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Non-credit professional development courses and programs provide you with the tools and strategies you need to advance in your career, as well as a network of students and instructors to support you in your professional development journey.

Professional Development
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What are you passionate about? Personal enrichment courses can help you lead a healthier lifestyle, stay mentally fit, explore a passion, or try something new. Discover courses that can help you enhance your life and explore new directions.

Personal Enrichment
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Discover the variety of courses offered at Temple through our Lifelong Learning programs. Programs are specifically tailored towards individuals 50 years of age and older. Explore an interest, enhance a skill and enjoy your retirement with new friends!

Lifelong Learning
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Pre-College offers programs for high school students to learn more about their interests, discover new passions, make new friends, and even earn college credit. Programs are available in STEM, art, law, leadership, college readiness, and much more!

Pre-College Programs
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Youth and pre-college programs are are offered year-round, with specialized programs offered in the summer. Programs provide opportunities to learn about a specific area of interest, experience a college campus, and have fun at the same time.

Youth Programs
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Are you an international student or a non-native English speaker? At Temple, we offer programs that match your skill level, schedule and needs! Increase your English proficiency, meet students from around the globe, learn about the U.S. and gain admission to Temple University.

International Programs

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