FMA0001 - FILM: Reel Girls High School Film Workshop
MUSCMSP0015 - CMSP-Ensemble Fee
MUSPREP0003 - SUMMER: Dorothy Taubman Seminar
MUSPREP0096 - Individual Lessons - Jason Stein
MUSPREP0098 - Individual Lessons - Guillaume Combet
MUSPREP0099 - Individual Lessons - Sam Quintal
MUSPREP0103 - I Sing Because
MUSPREP0107 - Individual Lesson - James Wilson
MUSPREP0108 - ENSEMBLE: Progressing String Ensemble: for Inspired Beginners
MUSPREP0112 - Individual Lesson - Marcus DeLoach
MUSPREP0114 - Temple University ManChoir
MUSPREP0116 - SUMMER: Audiation Jam: Music, Movement, and Mindfulness
OLLI5005 - Listening to Music, Hearing What's There
OLLI5024 - Music as the Mirror of History
OLLI8005 - Insights About Jazz
ONCE0615 - Stephen Sondheim: The Man and His Music
ONCE0718 - Highs in the Low 60’s: Music 1960-64
ONCE0738 - Italy - La Bella Musica
ONCE0786 - Big Bands (aka Sounds of the Big Bands)
ONCE0822 - Highs in the Low 70s: Music 1970-1974
ONCE0828 - Introduction to Jazz - In Sight and Sound
ONCE0831 - The In-Betweeners - Music from the Big Bands to Rock and Roll
ONCE0884 - Understanding Classical Music
ONCE0915 - The Musical Brain: Neurological Curiosities of Music, Musicians and the Rest of Us
ONCE0920 - Italian and the Arts: Renaissance, Opera and Cinema
ONCE0922 - Highs in the 50s: Music 1950-59
ONCE0923 - A Night at the Opera
ONCE0932 - Impressionism
ONCE0941 - Hamilton - Evolution or Revolution
PASCEP0208 - Message in Our Music: Soul Music 60's-80's
Band, Orchestra, and Ensemble
Composing and Songwriting
Voice and Chorus