HBGIELP0180 - Beginner Cultural Enrichment Courses
HBGIELP0280 - Intermediate Cultural Enrichment Courses
HBGIELP0380 - Advanced Cultural Enrichment Courses
IELP0180 - Beginner Enrichment Courses
IELP0280 - Intermediate Enrichment Courses
IELP0300 - TCALC Enrichment Classes
IELP0380 - Advanced Enrichment Courses
IELP0480 - Open Level Enrichment Courses
IELP1301 - Beginning Grammar for Writers
IELP1302 - Beginning Pronunciation
IELP1304 - English in Action
IELP2302 - Spoken English: Words and Sounds
IELP2303 - Intermediate Writing Workshop
IELP2305 - Intermediate English for Business
IELP2306 - Intermediate English for STEM
IELP2307 - American Idioms (Intermediate)
IELP2308 - Reading and Vocabulary
IELP3301 - Grammar Workshop - High Intermediate
IELP3303 - High Intermediate Writing Workshop
IELP3304 - Intermediate Listening Workshop
IELP3305 - High Intermediate English for Business
IELP3306 - High Intermediate English for STEM
IELP4303 - Advanced Writing Workshop
IELP4304 - Advanced Listening Workshop
IELP4305 - Advanced English for Business
IELP4306 - Advanced English for STEM
IELP4307 - American Idioms (Advanced)
IELP4308 - One Book One Philadelphia
IELP4309 - Advanced Pronunciation and Presentation Skills
IELP5301 - University Life and Culture
IELP5302 - TOEFL Preparation
IELP5303 - IELTS Preparation - Reading and Listening
IELP5304 - Grammar Workshop
IELP5305 - TOEFL Practice
IELP5306 - IELTS Preparation - Writing and Speaking
IELP5307 - American Language and Culture through Service Learning
IELP5308 - Reading and Vocabulary
IELPSP1238 - Education USA Elective