Course Description

Prepare for an in-depth exploration into clinical reasoning behind the STAR Process.  Sensory Processing Disorder Proficiency Level 2: Advanced Clinical Reasoning will build upon knowledge knowledge set forth in the SPD Proficiency Certification Level I coursework but will dive deeper, encouraging advanced clinical reasoning skills and exploration of higher-level therapeutic concepts and the art of therapy.

As the first half of the SPD Level II certification process, this course will explore the essential elements of the STAR Process in preparation for intensive mentoring during hands-on treatment in STAR Institute’s Level 2 Mentorship Program (the second half of the SPD Level II certification process).

Participants will be mentored through the process using video review, journaling, group discussion, and guided reflections. Topics will include: 1) Clinical reasoning, 2) Synthesis of the STAR approach, 3) Regulation, 4) Social-emotional levels of the Developmental, Individual Difference, Relationship-based Model of Intervention (DIR), 5) Interpersonal Neurobiology of Play, and 6) A SECRET.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Recognize and discuss the progression of clinical reasoning, giving examples of their own process in group discussions and written reflections.

  2. Demonstrate understanding of the foundational elements of the STAR process through written reflections and group discussion of the approach, in preparation for hands-on mentoring in the STAR Level II Mentorship Program.

  3. Demonstrate, through video presentations and group discussion, understanding of the importance of arousal regulation as an essential component of treatment (for clients and for themselves).

  4. Identify successful play- and sensory-based treatment approaches, through video presentation, using DIR and sensory techniques.

  5. Examine the why behind relationship-based therapy and play, through the lens of Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB).

  6. Explore A SECRET at a deeper level, using a strengths-based approach to support families in the problem-solving process.




Payment plans are available with 1 payment due at registration, the next due 1 week after the course begins and the final payment due 2 weeks before the course ends.

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Sensory Processing Level II - Oct 2020
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