CPHWELL0022 - Work Education and Lifelong Learning - Adult Secondary Education
PASCEP0057 - Leadership Business of Drones: 21st Century Technology World
PASCEP0060 - How do I use this PHONE:Androids and iPhones
PASCEP0101 - Math 101
PASCEP0102 - Transitional Math
PASCEP0103 - Creative Writing
PASCEP0104 - Introduction to Earth Science
PASCEP0105 - Universal STEM
PASCEP0110 - Social Studies and Economics
PASCEP0201 - How to develop an African Centered Rites of Passage Program
PASCEP0202 - African American Literature: Literature of African Peoples Online
PASCEP0203 - Addicted to White: The Oppressed in League with the Oppressor
PASCEP0205 - Reel Black America
PASCEP0206 - Kwame Ture Speaks
PASCEP0207 - An Introduction to American Government
PASCEP0208 - Message in Our Music: Soul Music 60's-80's
PASCEP0209 - Women's Self Defense: Mshindi Vita Saana
PASCEP0210 - Building Community: Building Promise
PASCEP0211 - Pan Africanism Thought: From an African Perspective
PASCEP0212 - Our Music-Does It Still Matter
PASCEP0213 - The Making of History: Global Africans-The African American Journey
PASCEP0303 - Living off the Land: Urban Farming: Growing Healthy
PASCEP0304 - Optimize Your Health with Plant Based Foods
PASCEP0306 - Empowerment Through Self Awareness
PASCEP0307 - Hip Hop Therapy
PASCEP0308 - Get Free: A Chakra Balancing Yoga Series
PASCEP0402 - Estate Planning
PASCEP0405 - Exploring Entrepreneurship: Changing your hobby to a business
PASCEP0407 - Introduction to Non-Profit Management
PASCEP0412 - Managing Solutions: Gentrification
PASCEP0413 - Automating Your Business to Increase Your Revenue
PASCEP0415 - Grants Writing Certificate
PASCEP0460 - Social Determinants of Health: Health Beliefs Workshop
PASCEP0501 - Tapping the Power Within
PASCEP0504 - Learn to Apply disruptive Technology: Strategy & Leadership to Change Circumstances
PASCEP0506 - Living On Fragments: Access Resources to Stretch your Budget
PASCEP0508 - Making the Most of Your Money
PASCEP0509 - Financial Literacy: Project-Based Instruction
PASCEP0601 - Professional Life Coaching: Time is Money
PASCEP0603 - Hip Hop Ethics
PASCEP0604 - From Law 101 to Civic Empowerment
PASCEP0605 - Orange is the New Black: An inside look at Reentry for Returning Citizens & Communities
PASCEP0606 - Throw the Fish Back In: Domestic Violence Awareness
PASCEP0607 - Tapestry Crocheting
PASCEP0608 - Free Your Mind, Change Your Life: The (5) Keys to Your Destiny
PASCEP0903 - PASCEP Community Workshops
PASCEP0905 - Transition to Post Secondary Education and Training
Workforce Education