Course Description

Intro to Programming

This course is designed to allow students to understand the growing role of information technology and how it’s applied in business scenarios. Students will learn how core concepts of information systems and technology can be utilized in business to create digital products and the various platforms in which these digital systems are built upon. This hands-on course will expose students to basic programming in JavaScript that will further develop critical thinking and analytical skills relating to software creation.

Course Outline


- Basic computer skills

- Downloading and opening a file

- Saving files to a specific place

- Opening a browser and knowing how to navigate a website sufficiently

- Windows or Mac computers

- Must have the ability to download software


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Section Title
Introduction to Programming:Coding for adults
Hybrid Classroom and Online
5:30PM to 7:00PM
Oct 12, 2020 to Nov 09, 2020
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  • Online Learning
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Online with Virtual Meetings  
Course Fee(s)
Course Fee non-credit $20.00
Section Notes


Temple Association for Information Systems

The Association for Information Systems (AIS) is a 200-member organization based at Temple for students majoring in Management Information Systems. These students learn how to apply technology solutions to problems a business is facing. AIS members know many coding languages, especially JavaScript which is the language taught in this course.

Course highlights:

- systems analysis & process mapping

- digital product management

- information systems

- data analytics

- cyber security

- JavaScript