Course Description

The Purpose of this course is to examine the relationship between the African American church and the AA community. Students will learn the historical impacts of the Black church on African American community outcomes in education, economics, social justice and more. The course will explore ways the church and community can address present-day disparities affecting African Americans. Whether they attend church or not, students will leave the class with concrete ideas about how to make a change in their own community and/or church.

Course Outline

  1. What is the impact of the church and community relationship according to past history
  2. Impact on Education
  3. Impact of Economic
  4. Impact on Social Justice
  5. Impact on Health, and Environmental Health
  6. Involvement in local governmental committees and programs/projects
  7. Discuss if the relationship between AA church and community, needed, not needed or beneficial
  8. The leave the class with something concrete for each person to do to make a change in their community and/or church
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