Course Description

Many employees say that tuition remission for themselves and their children is a primary reason for choosing Temple University and why employees remain here. 

Sometimes Temple employees find it difficult to juggle the multiple demands of work, parenting, and other personal priorities and that pursuing a degree is a major time commitment.  But perhaps you may also be reluctant because you’re not certain of your career direction, the advantages a degree could have for career advancement or if you have the academic skills and dedication needed.  With the help and advice of a panel of experts and other staff who have successfully started or completed undergraduate and graduate courses and degrees, this workshop might be just the jump start you need.  Topics include:

•Resources available for career and academic exploration and advising
•Matriculating vs. Non-matriculation status
•The Application Process for undergraduate and graduate programs
•Balancing work, school, and personal life
•Strategies for academic success

Some of the recent changes to the tuition remission policy will be discussed.

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