Course Description

What makes service transactions difficult and customers “Impossible”? Is it the situation? Is it the person? Is it the procedure? Each one of these can turn a relatively normal interaction into a challenging one or make a relatively nice person into a monster.  Dr. Robert M. Bramson, author of the best-selling book, Coping with Difficult People, tells us that approximately 10% of all the people we encounter at work can be classified as “difficult.”  This 10% accounts for a whopping 50% of the conflict, stress, lost productivity and challenging situations we encounter in the work place.

This program will give participants the opportunity learn about their own emotional reactions to difficult people and challenging situations so they can Plan, Prepare and Practice ways to cope with difficult situations or people even under the most stressful circumstances. Participants will get some useful tips on anger management and be able to develop their own coping strategies for specific types of impossible customers. 


This course is for Temple employees only.
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