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Required:  All trainer candidates must currently be employed in one of the eligible licensed settings for a minimum of six months before taking the trainer course.

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 If you are paying for an employee or co-worker to attend the training, please complete the profile information in the name of the staff member or co-worker and enter your name only in payment information as the name on the credit card.

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Questions about Registering for or Paying for the Medication Administration Training Program:  If you would like detailed instructions on registration and payment please go to https://medsadmin.myodp.org/cms/assets/Medication-Administration-Train-the-Trainer-Registration-and-Payment-Instructions1.pdf   If you have specific questions about the payment process for the Meds Admin Training Program, please contact the Medication Administration Training Program Help Desk: www.mahelpdesk.com .

Book/Material Purchases: The course is online. Book and materials purchases are Optional for trainer candidates who will train their students via the online method. A hard-copy of the Online Course Trainer manual is now available for sale. Please note: You do not need both versions of the Trainer Manual. Also, please be aware, if you are a trainer and you are still using the “previous” or “old manual” method of training, you may order manuals and materials here through the Destiny One payment site or you may continue to use the Order form in the FAQs: https://medsadmin.myodp.org/cms//

Receipts and Payment Confirmation:  When a trainer candidate is registered and payment is made, a payment receipt (notification) is sent. The trainer candidate will later receive a second email notification indicating that the billing status in the Meds Admin system has changed to "Payment Confirmed" and then the trainer candidate can begin the online modules. The second email will take approximately 1 business day to be sent out and the Med Admin site will display “Waiting for Payment” until then.

OTHER FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: To access FAQs about the Medication Administration Training Program you may go to:https://medsadmin.myodp.org/cms/


Course Outline

Face to Face Class requirements:

The trainer candidate must already have registered for and completed the required online modules, 0 – 10 as well as  successfully completed all 10 quizzes with an 80% or better.
Once the  trainer candidate has successfully completed all exams (Multiple Choice and Written Documentation), with an overall course average of 90% or better
the trainer candidate will automatically gain access to  Face to Face class  selection. 
There is no additional charge to attend the Face to Face class.

 The (1) one-day face to face class is scheduled to be held in various PA locations:

Extensions of Certificates for Medication Administration Course Trainers
In response to the COVID-19 State of Emergency and actions that are being instituted throughout Pennsylvania in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19, the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) will be extending the Medication Administration Course Trainer Certification for currently certified trainers to August 31, 2020.
All Face-to-Face “Medication Administration Train the Trainer” courses will be virtual until further notice. All Face-to-Face classes for both new trainer applicants and current trainers needing re-certification will be replaced with Virtual classes. Classes for New Trainers and classes for Recertifying trainers will be separate.  
New Trainer Classes start at 8:30 am
Recertifying Trainer Classes can start in the morning or afternoon.  AM Classes start at 8:00 am.  PM classes start at 1:00 pm.

New Trainer - 6/25/2020

AM Recert - 7/7/2020

PM Recert - 7/7/2020

AM Recert - 7/8/2020

PM Recert -7/8/2020

New Trainer - 7/9/2020

PM Recert - 7/14/2020

New Trainer - 7/15/2020

New Trainer - 7/16/2020

New Trainer - 7/21/2020

AM Recert - 7/22/2020

PM Recert - 7/22/2020

New Trainer - 7/23/2020

AM Recert - 8/4/2020

PM Recert - 8/4/2020

New Trainer - 8/5/2020

New Trainer - 8/6/2020

New Trainer - 8/11/2020

AM Recert - 8/12/2020

PM Recert - 8/12/2020

AM Recert - 8/18/2020

PM Recert - 8/18/2020

New Trainer - 8/19/2020

New Trainer - 8/20/2020

New Trainer - 8/25/2020

AM Recert - 8/26/2020

New Trainer - 8/27/2020


The Face to Face Training date  may be selected by returning to the following site:


The full details about the class will be provided once you have successfully completed the exams. Once you have chosen a class if you need to change dates, please contact the helpdesk.

 If you have questions about start times, assignments, handouts, etc. please contact the Meds Admin Help Desk Portal: www.mahelpdesk.com

*** Classes are assigned on a first-come, first-served order, based on when you successfully complete your exams. There is a finite number of seats in each class and some classes do fill up.

**** Some class dates may be cancelled if enrollment is too low.


Enroll Now - Select a section to enroll in

Section Title
Payments: Medication Administration Train the Trainer Course
Online-fixed date/synchronous meeting(s)
Jan 06, 2020 to Jun 30, 2020
Delivery Options
Online with In-Person Meetings  
Course Fee(s)
HBGMEDA - Comm. Homes for Intellectual Disablities non-credit $65.00
HBGMEDADM - Adult Day Services non-credit $415.00
HBGMEDADM - Adult Training Facility non-credit $65.00
HBGMEDADM - Assisted Living Residence non-credit $415.00
HBGMEDADM - Child Res. and Day Treatment Fac. non-credit $415.00
HBGMEDADM - Int. Care for Intellectual Dis. non-credit $65.00
HBGMEDADM - Personal Care Homes non-credit $415.00
HBGMEDADM - Re-certification non-credit $55.00
HBGMEDADM - Vocational Facility non-credit $65.00
Section Fees
HBGMEDADM - MedAdmin Training Mat.-StudentManual $10.00 Optional
MedAdm Training Mat - Original Trainer Manual 2004 $27.00 Optional
HBGMEDADM -MedAdm.Training Mat.-Practicum Observer $8.00 Optional
HBGMEDADM MedAdmin Training Mat.-StudentMaterials $8.00 Optional
MedAdm Training Mat:OnlineCourseTrainerManual 2013 $27.00 Optional
Section Notes

Questions about Registering for or Paying for the Medication Administration Training Program can be directed to: www.mahelpdesk.com the Medication Administration Help Desk portal.

Book/Material Purchases: The course is online. Book and materials purchases are Optional for trainer candidates who will train their students via the online method. A hard-copy of the Online Course Trainer manual is now available for sale. Please note: You do not need both versions of the Trainer Manual. The 2004 version of the trainer manual is to be used if you are still using the “previous” or “old manual” method of training. The 2013 version of the trainer manual can be used if you are teaching online.