Course Description

This fundamental course covers Adobe Photoshop CC most commonly used tools, menus and panels. You’ll learn all the basics of Photoshop to effectively work with selection and editing tools, layers, and masks to edit, retouch and enhance existing images or create your own composite digital art work. Impress your business organization, friends and family by enhancing their photos and create magazine cover quality enhanced images. Access to Adobe Photoshop software required.

Course Outline



Unit 1

Getting to know the Interface and Selection Tools

  • Interface menus
  • Tools
  • Panels
  • Working with the various Selection tools

Unit 2

Working with Layers and Masks

  • Layers and layer management
  • Non- destructive editing using masks
  • How to type and format text
  • Using various type formatting and style tools and panels

Unit 3

Image Correction & Enhancement

  • Photo correction and enhancement tools
  • Crop, dodge and burn
  • Recoloring, retouching
  • Healing brushes

Unit 4

Using the Drawing Tools

  • How to use the Pen tool
  • Other drawing tools in Photoshop
  • Advanced drawing and selection
  • File formats
  • How to save files for print or web


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Adobe Photoshop Essentials (Online)
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Mar 01, 2021 to Mar 26, 2021
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COURSE FEE non-credit $225.00
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This Online Course is self-paced, with access dates of March 5, 2021 - March 26, 2021.

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