Course Description

This series of workshops are for teachers who are currently enrolled in the National Board of Professional Standards Board (NBPTS) Certification Process.  Each workshop is designed to enhance the candidates understanding of the NBPTS core propositions, standards and process.  Students will participate in the following series of 6 workshops:

Workshop #1: Foundations: Delve into the National Board's essential ideas about what teachers should know and be able to do: Five Core Propositions, Architecture of Accomplished Teaching and National Board Content area standards, and connect these ideas to your teaching practice.  A thorough understanding of these concepts are essential for certification          

Workshop #2: Writing for National Board Certifications:The National Board Process requires three styles of thinking and writingDescriptive, Analytic and Reflective. Learn how to showcase your teaching using these styles and most importantly how to write to show evidence of learning

Workshop #3: Component 2 – Differentiation in Instruction:  Determine what is expected for this component using National Board content area component directions, standards and scoring rubrics and identify resources for developing written commentary.

Workshop #4: Component 3 – Teaching Practice and Learning Environment:  Use the component directions to understand both sections of the component requirements and the cover sheets and forms requirements for this two- video component.

Workshop #5: Pulling it all together: MaryAnn Joseph, NBCT and author of Accomplished Teaching: The Key to National Board Certification will provide you tips, reminders, resources and ideas on how to pull together all you’ve learned and start your actual planning for your components. She will spend some dedicated time focusing on designing the best lesson to feature in Component 3.

Workshop #6: Component 1:  Content Knowledge: Candidates are responsible to know the content knowledge and strategies for the entire developmental level of their certification area they are pursuing. This workshop will provides tips and resources to assist candidates in preparing for the Assessment Center.

Workshop #7: Component 4: Reflective Practitioner

Registration Instructions:

  1. First, enroll in the NBPTS Workshops course
    • If you are a William Penn Scholarship recipient, you may apply your discount code at checkout.
    • The NBPTS coordinator will reach out via email to ask you to coordinate your specific workshop dates. 
  2. After registration and payment for the workshops, you may register for an optional one-on-one mentoring course with a National Board Certified Teacher for 1-2 or 3-4 components. If you are receiving a scholarship, 

For more details on the registration process, view the complete step-by-step instructional guide.

To support teachers as they pursue this certification, we also offer a course on New Developments in Early Language and Literacy Instruction.

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