Course Description

Learn how to build a mobile robot and program it to perform fascinating tasks such as autonomous obstacle avoidance, following lane lines, playing music, dancing, and much more!  You will be shown how to control a mobile robot remotely and be given resources to extend your robotics and electronics knowledge well beyond this course. It will be a great introduction to a college program in electrical and computer engineering.



Students will build an autonomous, programmable mobile robot and be introduced to some of the exciting concepts in robotics and electronics.  The application of these concepts and their connection to electrical and computer engineering will be described. The course will provide extensive project-based learning experiences in a university electrical and computer engineering laboratory environment.

Topics to be covered are:

  • Sensors, motors, microcontrollers, and electrical components

  • Building an autonomous mobile robot

  • Visual programming with Makecode

  • Object oriented programming with python

  • Programming robot to perform obstacle avoidance, lane line following, and more

  • Microbit microcontrollers and resources to extend your knowledge

Temple professors, graduate and undergraduate students will instruct you every step of the way in the state of the art electronics laboratory. There's no homework, but you will be challenged to learn about autonomous programmable robots and the different areas of electrical and computer engineering. 

For questions or inquiries, please email brian.thomson@temple.edu

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