Course Description

Learn how to design and build programmable mobile robots, and then compete in maze mapping competitions with other high school students in the Delaware Valley. You will get a great introduction to a college program in electrical and computer engineering. This program is partially funded by NASA and the Pennsylvania Space Grant.


This program will introduce students to some of the basic concepts of electrical and computer engineering. It will also provide extensive laboratory experience where the students will build autonomous, programmable mobile robots also give a good overview of the different specialties within the fields of electrical and computer engineering. 

Topics to be covered are:

  • Electrical components: Resistance, capacitance and electromagnetic induction coil.
  • Electronic components and integrated circuits: Diodes, transistors, operational amplifiers and timer circuits.
  • C-language programmable Arduino microcontrollers, photoresistors, infrared sensors and ultrasonic transmitters.
  • Design, construction of autonomous mobile robots

Temple professors, graduate and undergraduate students will instruct you every step of the way in the state of the art electronics laboratory. There's no homework, but you will be challenged to learn about autonomous programmable robots and the different areas of electrical and computer engineering. 

For questions or inquiries, please email carol.dahlberg@temple.edu

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