Course Description


LEARNING TO CODE                                                       

Instructor: Stephen Garland

Day of Week: Tuesday

Dates: Jan 30 Mar 26 (8 sessions)

No Class: Mar 5

Time: 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

Location: In-person at Center City (TUCC)

This course surveys how elementary school students are learning to code, starting in grades K-5 with ScratchJr and Scratch—easy-to-learn block-based visual programming languages for creating animations and video games. These languages help introduce general concepts in computer science before students (and you) move on to coding in more powerful text-based languages such as Python and HTM/CSS/ JavaScript for creating interactive websites.

    This course is a hands-on workshop: bring your laptop!


     Maximum In-Person: 15

Instructor Bio:

Stephen Garland earned a PhD in mathematical logic at the University of California at Berkeley. In the first half of his career, he was a Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Dartmouth College, where he co-led the development of the Dartmouth Timesharing System and the Basic programming language. He also chaired the committee that developed the initial Advanced Placement Course in Computer Science. In the second half of his career, he was a Principal Research Scientist in MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, where he developed tools for automated reasoning about formal specifications for computer software. In retirement, he teaches pro-bono K-8 workshops on computing and mathematics


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