Course Description

In an increasingly complex and hostile world, where truth and trust no longer seem to matter, Time Magazine’s cover recently asked “Is Truth Dead?” Are conspiracies and denialism growing? Explore conspiracies, conspiracy theories, hoaxes, fraud and corruption from ancient times to the present, drawing examples from politics, science, health, business and religion. How and why do conspirators deny truth, conceal evidence, fabricate lies, create doubt, destroy trust and spread fear? We will cover tMcCarthyism in the past and the current anti-vaccine movement. Can we learn from history and science how to protect ourselves and the world from destructive conspiracies? Presented by Sandy Catz, MEng, a Lifelong Learning member who leads discussions for Greater Philadelphia Thinking Society and Socrates Café.

Course Outline

Membership in the Lifelong Learning Society for the Fall 2017 semester is required in order to take this course.

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