Course Description

Introduction to Yoruba- PASCEP0056

                                               (5 Weeks)          Wednesday, 5:30PM-7:00PM

This is an elementary course in Yoruba language. Yoruba belongs to the family of the West African: Niger-Congo linguistic grouping.  This class will provide each student the chance to discover the linguistic components: the phonetics, morphology, syntax and semantics of Ebonics or its forms. The Yoruba is unique and alive in the epic memories of the Africans in the Americas as seen in Brazil, Cuba, the Caribbean and the United States. This Yoruba class introduces the student to the basic factors of Yoruba linguistics and more.

Instructor: Abayomi Oladeinde holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education, Masters in Social Work from Temple University and is a Doctoral Candidate in Educational Leadership and Behavioral Health-Grand Canyon University.

*Must wear a mask in the building

*COVID-19 Vaccination Required


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