Course Description

LEARNING GERMAN THROUGH THE STUDY OF GERMAN CULTURE AND HISTORY                                                                         

Instructor: Cheri Micheau

Day of Week: Monday

Dates: Jan 29 – Mar 25 (8 sessions)

No Class: Mar 4

Time: 10:00 AM 12:00 PM

Location: In-Person at TUCC

This is a course for high intermediate and advanced students of German. The class is conducted in German, and students are expected to use German during the class. Students will work on listening comprehension, vocabulary development, speaking fluency, grammar skills (review and new), and using reading to reinforce speaking skills; an additional focus is language for travel. This is a continuation of a course that has been offered for the last six years. Student work frequently in pairs to practice German skills and to complete tasks.


Pre-Requisite: Students must have high intermediate to advanced German skills. Maximum In-Person: 20

Instructor Bio:

Cheri Micheau, (PhD, educational linguistics, 1990, Penn) taught graduate courses in educational linguistics and language at West Chester, Drexel, Temple, and Penn, and coached teachers of English as a second language (ESL) in the School District of Philadelphia. She taught K–12 ESL in Upper Merion and in Philadelphia, as well as German in York, PA, and at Frankfurt International School in Germany.


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Learning German Through Study of German Culture and History [In-person at TUCC]
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10:00AM to 12:00PM
Jan 29, 2024 to Mar 25, 2024
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