CESYS0302 - DestinyOne Curriculum Management
CESYS0303 - DestinyOne Conference Module
CESYS0304 - DestinyOne Enrollment Management
CESYS0311 - DestinyOne Finances and Money Management
CESYS0313 - DestinyOne Rolling Topics
CESYS0357 - Upgrade Webinar - New Release Information
HRLD0006 - Banner Basics (Conducted by the Controllers Office)
HRLD0007 - Banner Basics for Grants (Must have prior access to Banner)
HRLD0008 - Banner Student Combined INB/SSB Training
HRLD0016 - Concur Travel and Expense Training
HRLD0103 - New User Taleo Training: Student Process
HRLD0104 - New User Taleo Training: Adjunct Process
HRLD0105 - New User Taleo Training: Staff Process
HRLD0106 - Separation from Employment Training (EPAF)
HRLD0109 - Banner 9: Admissions Forms
HRLD0110 - Taleo Training Refresher: Student
HRLD0111 - Taleo Training Refresher: Adjunct
HRLD0112 - Taleo Training Refresher: Staff
HRLD0353 - CIM: End User Courses and Programs
HRLD0354 - CIM: Approvers Only
HRLD0367 - Advising workflow: Permission to take courses elsewhere
HRLD0393 - Taleo Training: Fluid Introduction
HRLD0394 - Taleo Fluid Training: Student Worker Overview
HRLD0395 - Taleo Fluid Training: Adjunct Overview
HRSYS0001 - Kronos Beginner Training Session ( Current System)
HRSYS0002 - Kronos V8 Beginner Training: 'Should have had a Version 8'
HRSYS0003 - TUmarketplace 101 (Facilitated by Purchasing staff)
HRSYS0006 - Remedy Training
HRSYS0007 - Banner Scheduling Training
HRSYS0008 - Introduction to Concur Invoice
HRSYS0009 - Kronos Beginner Training 2018
HRSYS0011 - IBM Cognos Analytics 11 Report Training for Query Studio Users
HRSYS0012 - IBM Cognos Analytics 11 Consumer Training
HRSYS0013 - Student Workers in Kronos
HRSYS0014 - IBM Cognos Analytics 11 Consumer Training TASB
HRSYS0015 - University Payments to Nonresident Aliens
OIA0002 - ISSS DestinyOne Scholar and Employee Intake Process Training
Effort Reporting System
Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF)