4 Courses Required

The Department of Geography & Urban Studies is pleased to offer a sequence of four full-day workshops in using the R statistical programming language. The sequence begins with Introduction to R and RStudio. This workshop will be useful to those with little to no prior experience with R, and may be safely skipped for those who are ready for more advanced topics such as spatial data handling or machine learning.

These workshops are suitable for:

  • Students and data analysts who learned statistics in SPSS, SAS, or Stata, and want to transition to R.
  • Analysts already working in R who want to explore advanced topics.
  • Analysts unfamiliar with the special concerns of spatial data handling.
  • Programmers who want a quick introduction to common statistical methods.

These workshops will be a heavy lift for those without prior experience in either statistics or a programming language. If this applies to you, please consider registering for Introduction to R and RStudio and speak with your instructor before registering for additional workshops.

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