Whether you're new to project management, or you've been managing projects and want to formalize your processes, this Certificate in Project Management provides you with an overview of the basics.

Certificate requirements

To earn the certificate you must take:

  • Four Project Management courses:
    • Project Management Basics I
    • Project Management Basics II
    • Project Management: Leading the Team
    • Project Management: Agile Approaches
  • Strengths-Based Coaching;
  • Final Portfolio Workshop.

You must also submit a final portfolio after completion of the Final Portfolio Workshop, showcasing your skills and their application to your professional development.

Stand-alone courses

You can also take any of our Project Management courses as individual, stand-alone courses.

Certificate pricing

Register for all of the required courses (or course hours) at the time of registration and receive a discounted bundle price, a 15% discount off the total cost of enrolling in the courses separately.

$995 (3 CEUs)

If you have questions about the Certificate in Project Management, please contact ncce@temple.edu or call 267-468-8500.

Additional Details

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CERTIFICATE IN PROJECT MANAGEMENT in one semester! Take the required number of course hours, from the appropriate categories, within a two-year period, and pay one fee, an almost 15% discount off the total cost of enrolling in the courses separately. Courses may also be taken individually.

Certificate Price
Bundle Fee : $995.00
Deadline to Start Last Course
730 Days After Registration


Minimum Required

4 Course(s)

Minimum Required

2 Course(s)