Application Fee


Offer quality continuing education programming by getting your activity approved.

Thank you for your interest in seeking approval for your continuing education event!

TUH offers a comprehensive service of "approval" for various types of continuing education programs.  We are an approved provider of continuing education for social work, play therapy, and ACT 48.  Our staff will work with you to make sure you have the necessary components to make your CE program a success.

TUH departments, nonprofits, government, corporate--organizations of all sizes can more quickly apply for approval of quality continuing education for their events with this online Continuing Education Approval Application process that makes it easier and more convenient for sponsors to submit an activity for review and approval.

To be eligible for a continuing education co-sponsorship, the continuing education event must generally demonstrate the

  • Enhancement of knowledge and skill development in the area of practice
  • Reflect the ethics and values of the area of practice
  • Have established criteria for the evaluation of each program upon completion
  • Have adequate facilities which are handicapped accessible


Awarding of continuing education hours or units will vary in accordance with an entity’s continuing education standards.