• The F-1 Economic Hardship Work Authorization is  a type of work authorization granted by USCIS for severe economic need for nonimmigrants who hold  F1 status
  • In order to be eligible for this work authorization, the student must prove that circumstances beyond the student's control have caused a severe economic hardship and these circumstances arose after the student obtained F-1 status.
  • Such circumstances might include the death or severe financial loss of the student's financial sponsor, devaluation of the currency in which the student's funding for study is held, huge medical bills, etc.

You should be able to document every claim that you make when applying for this type of employment authorization.

ISSS will review the items you upload. We will  then generate a new I-20 with a recomendation for the off campus employment. You will then send all the materials to the USCIS to apply for the employment.