Do not begin working or attend any orientations, training, etc. related to the employment without authorization from our office or USCIS; to do so would be a serious violation of your F-1 status.   You cannot "volunteer" until you receive your authorization, with the understanding that you will be paid at a later date. Being employed, or working, doesn't  mean getting paid on a daily basis. It's the understanding that you will provide a service for a benefit.

Before you start the application, please have your academic advisor's name and email address available. You will need to submit that information as part of this application. Your academic advisor is the person in your  school or college who assists you with registration questions and planning.

If you submit a complete application that clearly demonstrates the employment is being used to fulfil an academic requirement, the employment will be authorized within 7-10 business days. The authorization will be done when the ISSS advisor issues a new I-20.