About Leadership & Career Studies

Leadership & Career Studies (L&CS) is a four-year certificate program providing young adults with intellectual disability or intellectual disability and autism an authentic college experience while developing academic abilities, career aspirations, work skills, and independence at Temple University.

All students in L&CS take academic courses, explore college life, and develop career experiences based on their interests and goals. All students in L&CS complete a variety of employment experiences both on and off Temple's main campus.

Each student in L&CS is matched with peer mentors who are matriculated Temple students. All students participate in a wide variety of activities, events, and organizations within Temple University.

Leadership & Career Studies evolved from the Institute's two-year program, the Academy for Adult Learning, established in 2008.


Application Instructions

Your application must be received by February 1, 2024, for you to be considered for priority admission for Fall 2024.
Please complete all sections below. Application information is confidential and will not be shared unless the applicant agrees in writing to share it.  

  1. Application Sections
  2. Student Information Section
  3. Family/Guardian/Residential Provider Section
  4. Education History Section 
  5. Employment History Section
  6. Medical History Section 
  7. Personal Supports Inventory to be filled out by a family member, guardian, or support person only

Required Documents

  1.  A copy of your most recent Individual Support Plan (ISP)  
  2. A letter confirming your Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) registration
  3. Documentation of your intellectual disability or intellectual disability and autism diagnosis, either in your most recent ISP or Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
  4. A copy of your high school diploma or certificate
  5. Two letters of recommendation addressing your strengths and challenges.
    • Letters should be from teachers, professionals in the field, or employers, not family members or personal acquaintances.
    • Letters should be no longer than two pages.

If you have questions regarding the completion of this application, please contact the L&CS Program Manager:

Cheryl B. Torsney, PhD