H-1B Application Process :

  • Department completes this application and submits along with documents requested to ISSS
  • Department request checks Click Here for fees
  • ISSS files for certification of the LCA (Labor Condition Application) from the Department of LaborOnce the LCA is certified, ISSS completes the I-129 form, and compiles all of the application documents & checks. 
  • ISSS submits the petition to USCIS via UPS. ISSS will notify the applicant, the hiring department, and human resources via email upon: 
    • 1.  Sending the petition to USCIS;
    • 2. Receipt notice from USCIS; and
    • 3. Receipt of the Approval notice.   
  • If you have any questions, please contact Joan McGinley at joan.mcginley@temple.edu