Act 48 Credits at Temple University

Educators can find high quality continuing education at Temple University to upgrade their knowledge and skills in the classroom and to comply with Pennsylvania’s Act 48 requirements for certified educators. Credit courses and non-credit programs, conferences and workshops are available at various times throughout the year.

Act 48 offerings at Temple University focus on the following: the content of instruction; the needs of different kinds of students and how to create contexts that foster respectful and rigorous academic work; skills that cut across teaching areas; and implementation of best practices in a particular domain.

New Courses now available for Act 48 Credit!

Temple University's Office of Non-Credit and Continuing Education was recently approved to offer 150+ online courses for Act 48 credit. To view these course listings please visit our educational partner's website ed2go for their 100+ Teacher Professional Development courses. You may review and register for these courses from ed2go directly. Once you have completed the course, please contact to request Act 48 credits. Please note: Only those courses listed as a Teacher Professional Development course are eligible for Act 48 credits.

You can also explore additional courses/workshops/conferences available for Act 48 credits using the listings below.


How do Educators Comply with Act 48?

All Pennsylvania educators holding PA public certification must complete ongoing professional development every five years to comply with Act 48 requirements and to keep their certification active. Educators may choose one of the following ways to meet Act 48 requirements:

  1. Complete six (6) credits of collegiate studies. Each semester college credit hour is equivalent to 30 hours of professional development education.
  2. Participate in 180 hours of continuing professional education through Act 48-approved non-credit workshops, courses, conferences and other educational activities.
  3. Combine college credits and professional development education (Act 48-approved non-credit workshops, courses, conferences and other educational activities) equivalent to 180 hours.

For additional information, please see the Pennsylvania Department of Education website.

Credit-Bearing Courses

Please visit the Office of the University Registrar website for more information on Act 48 for credit-bearing courses.

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