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Lifelong Learning

Temple invites retired professionals, alumni and adults over 50 to return to Temple’s vibrant educational community. There are two exceptional programs to choose from!

Summer Workshops

These workshops are designed for a quick, intense experience with a professional artist as your guide. Eligible for Act 48 credits for educators!

Weekend Workshops

Whether you are someone who says “I can’t draw a straight line", or an artist who has been in the field for years, Tyler Continuing Ed has a workshop to pique your interest and grow your talent! Weekend Workshop students have the time to completely immerse themselves in their work in our state-of-the-art studios. Each workshop is designed to be hands-on, incorporating studio time, demonstration, and individual instruction. Instructors are experienced teachers and professional practicing artists. Beginning, intermediate and advanced level adult learners will find a wide range of workshops designed to fit a busy schedule!


Contact Information

Email Address:
Telephone Number: (215) 777-9010
Program Office Address:

2001 North 13th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122



TYLER0010 - Digital Design & Fabrication Weekends
TYLER0011 - An Artist's Book
TYLER0012 - Beginning Casting
TYLER0013 - Painting in Oils
TYLER0015 - Philadelphia Sketchbook
TYLER0017 - Drawing Fundamentals
TYLER0018 - Introduction to Architecture
TYLER0019 - Jewelry & Casting
TYLER0020 - Photo Editing Tools
TYLER0021 - Portraits
TYLER0022 - Printmaking
TYLER0023 - Street Photography
TYLER0024 - Graphic Design Foundations
TYLER0025 - Fundamentals of Glass Blowing
TYLER0031 - Exploring the Animal as Subject
TYLER0032 - Adult Fundamentals of Drawing
TYLER0033 - Painting from the Masters
TYLER0034 - Dive into Watercolor
TYLER0035 - Experimental Drawing
TYLER0036 - Galleries & Studios
TYLER0037 - Digital Imaging for Adults & Educators
TYLER0038 - Digital Design & Fabrication Summer Program
TYLER0039 - Dyeing to Learn: Resist Techniques
TYLER0040 - Reimagining Clay: Alternative Approaches to Ceramics
TYLER0041 - Painting from the Masters Summer Intensive
TYLER0043 - Reimagining Clay: Alternative Approaches to Ceramics Weekends
TYLER0044 - Mixed Media and The Figure
TYLER0045 - Dyeing to Learn
TYLER0046 - Print Think 2018 Italy
TYLER0049 - Darkroom Photography Fundamentals
TYLER0050 - Figure Drawing: Beyond Black & White
TYLER0051 - Mixed Media Figure Painting
TYLER0054 - Portrait Modeling: Faces in Clay
TYLER0055 - Botanical Drawing with Wet Media
TYLER0058 - Ceramic Portrait Modeling
TYLER0059 - Botanical Drawing with Wet Media - Summer 2019
TYLER0060 - The Art of Metalsmithing
TYLER0062 - The Art of Punk
TYLER0802 - Basic Murrini Techniques for Not-So-Basic Murrini
TYLER0803 - Cross Pollination: Glass Pattern and Surface Design
TYLER0804 - Imagery and Glass: Flamework, Powder Drawing, and Decals
TYLER0805 - Intro to Glassblowing I
TYLER0806 - Intro to Glassblowing II
TYLER0807 - Particular About Particulates: Basic Kiln Casting and Traditional Pate de Verre Techniques
TYLER0808 - Pour: Introduction to Hot Glass Casting
TYLER0810 - Digital Ceramics: Digital Fabrication + Mold Making
TYLER0811 - Wheel Working: Considered Service
TYLER0812 - Wheel Working: The Massive Wheel
TYLER0815 - Alternative Embellishment Workshop
TYLER0816 - From Precision to Chaos: Embroidery as Drawing
TYLER0817 - Magic Dyes and Legerdemain in Weaving
TYLER0818 - Natural Dye: The Philadelphia Rainbow Experiment/Urban Pastoral Dyeing
TYLER0819 - Structures of Holes and Spaces; Woven Laces
TYLER0820 - Twist Cross Twist: Basics of Bobbin Lace
TYLER0843 - Acrylic & Watercolor
Tyler0016 - Figure Drawing & Portraits


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