Welcome to the Professional Development and Community Engagement Unit of Temple University Harrisburg (TUH)!

TUH has a rich history of establishing collaborative partnerships with community organizations and agencies; anticipating and responding to the lifelong training and professional development needs of a diverse and changing community. We develop, implement, and administer high-quality credit and noncredit courses, workshops, and conferences to supplement and expand the professional development needs of the region. Through this broad range of continuous, flexible professional development opportunities we offer services such as technical assistance, curriculum development, conference planning and program evaluation to name a few. As an approved provider of continuing education for social workers, play therapists, teachers and other professionals we review proposals and approve continuing education according to national and/or state licensing board standards.

Nonprofit Evaluation Services and Training (NEST)

Temple NEST is designed to assist nonprofit and governmental human service agencies to develop the capacity to effectively serve communities through best practices in management, research, and training. Click here to learn more about NEST and the online International Nonprofit Training and Leadership (INTL) program which prepares nonprofit professionals for service in an increasingly complex and globally connected world.

Strengths-based Family Workers Development Training and Credentialing Program (SFW)

The Credential for Strengths-based Family Workers is a professional training course and credentialing program comprised of a competency-based curriculum. It is uniquely focused on the development and documentation of knowledge and skill through a multi-faceted evaluation process.

Personal Care Home Administrator Training Program

This 100 Hour Personal Care Home Administrator Course is required by DHS for those individuals who would like to become Personal Care Home Administrators. To date, this program has successfully trained 26 participants. Another course started in early February and is scheduled to end in June 2015.

Institute on Adolescent Sexual Health

The Institute on Adolescent Sexual Health provides professional development opportunities and continuing education credit for multiple disciplines, particularly public health, education and social work professionals.

Community Health Worker Training Program

Through a collaborative partnership with Temple University’s School of Social Work’s Center for Social Policy and Community Development (CSPCD), TUH is assisting CSPCD in expanding its Community Health Worker (CHW) training program to Harrisburg and other rural and underserved communities in eastern and central Pennsylvania, through a Health Careers Opportunities Program (HCOP) grant from the U.S. Department of Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration.

Institute on Protective Services

The Institute on Protective Services serves professionals engaged in addressing victimization of adults through training and consultation and works actively with social workers, nurses, protective service investigators, law enforcement, and civil and criminal attorney’s to effectively identify, address, and resolve cases of abuse, neglect, exploitation, and abandonment of vulnerable adults and older adults.

Medication Administration Training Program

Temple University Harrisburg (TUH) under contract to the Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) provides training and support for the Medication Administration Training Program through the ODP. TUH delivers a Train-the-Trainer model program to provide instruction to trainer candidates to become certified. The certified trainers provide medication administration training to unlicensed staff in community settings to properly and safely administer medications.

Contact Information

Telephone Number: (866) 769-1860
Program Office Address: 234 Strawberry Square
Harrisburg, PA 17101



HBGCE0001 - Educational Trip to Cuba: Republica de Cuba
HBGCE0003 - Temple Tuesdays - Lunch 'n Learn Continuing Education Webinar Series on Ethics
HBGCE0004 - Clinical Supervision Certificate Program
HBGCE0005 - International Social Work Trip - Italy
HBGCE0006 - Continuing Education Seminars for Social Service Field Professionals
HBGCE0007 - Educational Trip to Cuba
HBGCE0008 - Creative Therapies for Adults
HBGCE0009 - Enhancing Communities Learning Series (ECLS)
HBGCE0010 - Ethics of Social Media Use
HBGCE0011 - World Affairs Course and Internship
HBGCE0012 - A Grief Trajectory Overview - Continuing Education Offering
HBGCE0013 - Republica de Cuba Cultural Trip
HBGCE0014 - Building Better PowerPoints: Designing memorable presentations for adult learners
HBGCE0024 - PerformCare: Functional Behavior Analysis - Initial
HBGCE0031 - PerformCare Internal: Perform Care Internal Staff: Considerations in the Clinical Management of Members in Behavioral Health Care Services Series (2017) - Electroconvulsive Therapy
HBGCE0034 - PerformCare Providers: CDR CANS Initiative Supervisor Training
HBGCE0035 - PerformCare Providers: CDR CANS Initiative Evaluator Training
HBGCE0036 - Perform Care: Considerations in the Clinical Management of Members in Behavioral Health Care Services Series 2018 - Special Population: Older Adults
HBGCE0037 - Perform Care: Considerations in the Clinical Management of Members in Behavioral Health Care Services Series 2018 - Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT)
HBGCE0039 - Partnering to End Child Abuse: 2018 Child Abuse Prevention Conference - Continuing Education Credit Registration
HBGCE0040 - 2018 25th Annual Gaudenzia Women and Children's Conference: Building a Brighter Tomorrow
HBGCE0041 - Enhancing Communities Learning Series 2018: #MeToo and the Non-Profit
HBGCE0042 - PerformCare Providers: CANS Certification
HBGCE0043 - PerformCare Providers: CANS CDR DataPoolâ„¢
HBGCE0044 - 2018 Summer Discovery Leadership Development Program
HBGCE0045 - Introduction to Working With Military Service Members and Veterans (Module 1)
HBGCE0046 - Emotional Residuals of Military Experience (Module 2)
HBGCE0047 - Empirical Treatment Approaches with Veterans, Part 1 (Module 3)
HBGCE0048 - Empirical Treatment Approaches with Veterans, Part 2 (Module 4)
HBGCE0049 - Alternative Treatment Approaches with Veterans (Module 5)
HBGCE0050 - Issues Unique to Women Veterans (Module 6)
HBGCE0051 - Issues Unique to Disabled Veterans (Module 7)
HBGCE0052 - Issues of Children of Veterans (Module 8)
HBGCE0053 - Working with Veteran Families and Couples (Module 9)
HBGCE0054 - Ethical Challenges of Working with Veterans (Module 10)
HBGCE0055 - CMU Creating Opportunities Together - Continuing Education Request
HBGCE0056 - Perform Care: Considerations in the Clinical Management of Members in Behavioral Health Care Services Series 2018 - Motivational Interviewing Training
HBGCE0057 - Enhancing Communities Learning Series 2018: Getting the Most From Your Website
HBGCE0066 - Enhancing Communities Learning Series: Defining Your Leadership Style
HBGCE0067 - Grant Writing Certificate Program
HBGCE0069 - 2018 PA Juvenile Justice Services Conference
HBGCE0070 - First Responder Opioid Training
HBGCE0071 - Substance Abuse Education and Demand Reduction - The Hope Project
HBGCE0072 - Community Health Worker Training Program
HBGCE0073 - SAT Prep
HBGCE0075 - 2018 Healing Justice Alliance Annual Conference
HBGCE0076 - Mental Health First Aid - Temple University Harrisburg Staff Continuing Education Course
HBGCE0079 - Entrepreneurial Success: How to Develop A Business Plan
HBGIASH0001 - Essentials of Asset Building
HBGIASH0002 - LGBTQ Sensitivity and Cultural Competency
HBGIASH0004 - LGBTQ Sensitivity and Cultural Competency Training
HBGIASH0005 - Great Mentoring: Positive Conversations with Young People about Sexual Decisions
HBGIASH0007 - Adults as Allies
HBGIASH0008 - Essentials of Asset Building
HBGIASH0011 - Sex Ed for Clinicians
HBGIASH0012 - Teaching about Identity, Attraction and Behavior
HBGIASH0013 - Unequal Partners Facilitator Training
HBGIASH0014 - Orientation: LGBTQ Identities
HBGIASH0015 - 40 Developmental Assets
HBGIASH0016 - Understanding and Affirming the Sexuality Needs of Individuals with IDD
HBGMEDADM0001 - Medication Administration Train the Trainer Course
HBGMEDADM0002 - Medication Administration Trainer Recertification Course
HBGPLTH0001 - Introduction to Play Therapy
HBGPLTH0002 - Play Therapy Techniques
HBGPLTH0004 - Advanced Play Therapy Practice
HBGPLTH0005 - Advanced Play Therapy Seminar
HBGPLTH0006 - Slaying the Dragons: Ignite the power of play to help hurting hearts
IPS0042 - PDA Protective Services Enrichment FY 18-19
IPS0045 - PCHA Continuing Education - Person Centered Assessments and Support Plans
IPS0047 - PCHA Continuing Education - Introduction to Motivational Interviewing
NEST0001 - International Collaboration on NGO and Nonprofit Management
NEST0002 - Marketing and Communications
NEST0003 - International Collaboration on NGO and Nonprofit Management - 2
NEST0004 - Leadership and Management
NEST0005 - Financial Management
NEST0006 - Financial Management
PCHA0002 - PCHA 100 Hour: Budgeting, Financial Record Keeping, Resident Records
PCHA0003 - PCHA 100 Hour: Resident Rights
PCHA0004 - PCHA 100 Hour: CPR and First Aid
PCHA0008 - PCHA 100 Hour: Fire Prevention & Emergency Preparedness
PCHA0009 - PCHA 100 Hour: Local State and Federal Law Pertaining to Operating a Personal Care Home
PCHA0010 - PCHA 100 Hour: Resident Home Contracts
PCHA0011 - PCHA 100 Hour: Writing Assessments
PCHA0012 - PCHA 100 Hour: Nutrition, Food Handling and Sanitation
PCHA0013 - PCHA 100 Hour: Care for Residents with Developmental Disabilities
PCHA0014 - PCHA 100 Hour: Recreation
PCHA0015 - PCHA 100 Hour: Cultural Competency
PCHA0017 - PCHA 100 Hour: Care for Residents with Neurocognitive Disorders, Cognitive Impairments and other specials needs
PCHA0018 - PCHA 100 Hour: Abuse and Neglect Prevention and Reporting
PCHA0019 - PCHA 100 Hour: Medication Procedures, Medication Effects and Side Effects and Standard Precautions
PCHA0020 - PCHA 100 Hour: Gerontology
PCHA0021 - PCHA 100 Hour: Mental Health First Aid
PCHA0023 - PCHA 100 Hour Registration
SFW0002 - SFW New Learning Coach Training
SFW0003 - SFW Learning Coach Recertification
SFW0004-001 - SFW Online New Learning Coach Training
SFW0005 - SFW Instructors Academy
SFW0006 - Strengths-based Leadership: An Overview
SFW0007 - Communication Skills for Strengths-based Leaders
SFW0008 - Culture and the Strengths-based Leader
SFW0009 - Performance Management and the Strengths-based Leader
SFW0010 - Strengths-based Leaders Impacting Change
SFW0011 - Strengths-based Leadership Final Presentations
SFW0018 - SFW New Learning Coach Training (webinar)
SFW0019 - SFW Learning Coach Recertification (webinar)
SFW0021 - SFW Recertification: 2014
SFW0025 - Dauphin County Credential For Strengths-based Family Worker Class
SFW0028 - Communication Skills for Strengths-based Leaders
SFW0030 - Performance Management and the Strengths-based Leader
SFW0031 - Strengths-based Leaders Impacting Change
SFW0032 - Strengths-based Leadership Final Presentations
SFW0037 - Allegheny Strengths-based Leadership
SFW0045 - SFW Recertification