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The Credential for Strengths-based Family Workers is a professional training course and credentialing program comprised of a competency-based curriculum. It is uniquely focused on the development and documentation of knowledge and skill through a multi-faceted evaluation process. Workers who complete the SFW course are better able to facilitate a family’s ability to set and reach their own goals. While nationally standardized, the training is tailored to meet the needs of local communities and implemented by Lead Agencies or Approved Providers. SFW course consists of 80 hours of interactive classroom sessions and incorporates a variety of evidenced-based training methodologies by trained community-based family development instructors. In addition, each SFW participant is provided with 10 hours of individual sessions with a trained SFW Learning Coach.



Contact Information

Email Address: sfwtuh@temple.edu
Telephone Number: (717) 232-6400
Program Office Address: Temple University Harrisburg
234 Strawberry Square
Harrisburg, PA 17101



SFW0002 - SFW New Learning Coach Training
SFW0003 - SFW Learning Coach Recertification
SFW0012 - Virtual Learning Coach & Instructor Recertification
SFW0018 - SFW New Learning Coach Training (webinar)
SFW0019 - SFW Learning Coach Recertification (webinar)
SFW0023 - Justice Works Credential for Strengths-based Family Worker Class
SFW0024 - United Planning Organization Credential for Strengths-based Family Worker Class
SFW0033 - Blair County Strengths-based Family Worker Credential
SFW0034 - RCCAA Strengths-based Family Worker Class
SFW0035 - CAPNA Strengths-based Family Worker Credential
SFW0036 - Allegheny Strengths-based Family Worker Class
SFW0040 - Ninth District Opportunity Credential for Strengths- based Family Workers
SFW0042 - Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission Credential for Strengths-based Family Worker Class
SFW0043 - Lexington CAC: Strengths-based Family Worker Credential
SFW0044 - Clinton County Credential for Strengths-based Family Worker Class
SFW0045 - SFW Recredential
SFW0046 - SFW Reinstatement and Recredential Course
SFW0051 - Westmoreland County Credential for Strengths-based Family Worker Class
SFW0052 - SFW - Virtual New Learning Coach training
SFW0053 - Columbia County Family Center Credential for Strengths-based Family Worker Class
SFW0055 - Sheltering Arms Strengths-Based Family Worker Class
SFW0056 - Children's Village: Strengths-Based Family Worker
SFW0057 - Action Pathways Strengths-Based Family Worker Credential
SFW0058 - Coalfield CAP: Strengths-Based Family Worker Credential


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