Course Description

This is the first part of a two-part recertification course for individuals who have received the Strengths-based Family Worker Credential. Part 1 is an online course consisting of three sections followed by a quiz. Part 2 consists of practical application of SFW skills. Please see SFW Recertification Part 2 course description for more information.

Individuals seeking recertification may register for Part 1 and Part 2 at the same time or complete Part 1 prior to registering for Part 2. Those who register for both Part 1 and Part 2 will receive course information for Part 2 upon completion of Part 1.

A hallmark of a strong credentialing program is recertification. Recertification allows workers to demonstrate that they are still competent in strengths-based skills, stay up-to-date on new developments in the field, and remain connected to the network.  SFW requires recertification every three years.


Course Outline

.Part One: Web-based Course 

Section 1: The Effective Help-Giving Cycle

Section 2: Strengths-based Assessment and Measuring Progress

Section 3: Developing Plans with Families

Final Quiz: 75% required to pass and move on to Part 2

Learner Outcomes

Section 1:

Identify competencies for strengths-based family work

Identify key elements of the Effective Help-Giving Cycle

List strategies for increasing motivation to change

Section 2:

Describe a framework for strengths-based assessment

Identify key actions to assist family in prioritization activities

Describe ways to observe and chart family progress towards goals

Section 3:

Describe SMART goals

Identify strengths-based approaches to make referrals

Identify the steps in developing a Family Goal Plan





The SFW Recertification Process is two parts. Part 1 is an online course consisting of three presentations and a quiz. These online presentations will present workers with an overview of key concepts in the SFW curriculum which build on the FDC approach. Upon viewing the three presentations, workers must pass a short quiz in order to continue with Part 2 of the recertification process.

Anyone who completed an SFW Credential course in 2013 or before is due for recertification to be complete by May 1, 2017. This includes those who received a Grandfathered SFW Credential.  Grandfathered SFW were awarded to those individuals who completed the Family Development Credentialing (FDC) program. If you earned the Family Development Credential but have not completed the Grandfathering process, please go to our website for more information: http://harrisburg.temple.edu/grandfathered-sfw-application




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