Course Description

The SFW Learning Coach plays a vital role in coaching the family worker as they earn their SFW credential.  This virtual training provides an opportunity for individuals to learn the SFW curriculum.  It will enhance the skills necessary to provide valuable coaching to the SFW participants. Upon registration you will receive an email with directions to create your accessnet account and log into Canvas. You will be notified if you passed the course successfully or if additional information is required.


SFW New and Recertifying Learning Coach Application

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Section Title
SFW - Virtual New Learning Coach Training
Online, self paced
Sep 19, 2018 to Sep 30, 2019
Course Fee(s)
tuition non-credit $75.00 Click here to get more information
Section Fees
SFW Lapel Pin $5.00 Optional
Section Notes

Thank you for your participation in the SFW Virtual New Learning Coach Training! This new virtual training has been updated to capture updated returning learning coach information (including resume and past experiences) and to utilize Temple's online learning system, Canvas. In order to access Canvas and begin, there are a few steps we need to complete.

  1. Please make sure that their birthdays are up to date prior to registering for the course (please email sfwtuh@temple.edu for help).
  2. If you have to create a destinyone account please make sure it is your accurate birthday as you will need it in the future. 
  3. While you register you will encounter an "apply now" button and be directed to an application; this is only so you can upload your required resume and additional information. Once it is submitted you can continue to register. 
  4. After you are registered, you will receive an automated email with subject line “Temple University System Access”. This email gives you steps to activate your Temple University account. The account at Temple is called an Accessnet, and this will be different than the account you’ve created at the noncredit.temple.edu site.
  5. Following the instructions in the “Temple University System Access” email will take you to accounts.temple.edu, where you’ll input your TUid (included in email), your last name, and your Date of Birth. Please note that if you enter different information than you provided Temple University in your initial class registration, you will see an error message on the account activation page and should contact destiny1@temple.edu for a fix.
  6. Within 24 hours after activating your Accessnet, your learning management system access will be completed and you’ll be able to start your online participation in the course. You will log in to canvas by visiting https://templeu.instructure.com/ (or canvas.temple.edu) and logging in. If you don’t see your course listed here on your dashboard, please contact destiny1@temple.edu for assistance.