Course Description

The Enlightenment of the 18th century elevated reason above dogmatic beliefs and released a torrent of scientific discoveries and life-changing technologies. It launched the idealism of liberal democracy and the hope of equal access to power and wealth. Why then, do we still have so much suffering in the world? Explore how
the walls of divisiveness introduced during the Enlightenment are still with us today: liberalism vs. conservatism, science vs. religion, society vs. the individual and technology vs. culture. Issues that divide us will be drawn from politics, the arts, religion, economics, philosophy, evolutionary biology, neuroscience and digital technology.
Presented by Sandy Catz, MEng, Lifelong Learning member who leads discussions for Greater Philadelphia Thinking Society and Socrates Café.


Membership in the Lifelong Learning Society for the Spring 2018 semester is required in order to take this course. For more information on the Lifelong Learning Society, call 267-468-8500 or email us at ncregistrar@temple.edu.
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