Course Description

All too often, our well-intended communications are misinterpreted. This workshop will enhance your ability to respond to and influence others, encourage collaboration, and get results by flexing your communication style. Topics include identifying communication styles, avoiding communicational barriers, responding to conflict, and creating communication strategies to achieve results

Management is a constantly evolving practice, with skill-sets necessary for success in all career paths. In today’s high-speed and high-demand workplace, managers are needed to know how to develop and coach in effective, high-performing staff. Whether you’re just beginning your management track or feel your management style could use a facelift, this workshop will provide the necessary exercises and tools to aid you in becoming a confident and results-producing leader. This course will cover topics geared to strengthen your core competencies, identify and hone your leadership style, expand your ability to work with all types of people, and instruct you how to manage across multiple platforms including local, remote and virtual teams

The Purpose of management is to motivate results. An effective and competent manager will lead his or her team to success, however that success is defined. This workshop provides a framework that empowers you to choose your definition of success and steer your way to desired outcomes. You’ll obtain strategies and tools to assist you in setting and achieving goals for your team, overcoming common obstacles, building relationships, and collaborations effectively, and setting into motion long-term programs that will assure compliance and continued productivity. They key for a results-oriented leader lies in their vision, effective performance accountability, and relationships with their team and colleagues.

Are you frustrated in your attempts to get others to take initiative, meet challenging deadlines, or go the extra mile? Don’t throw up your hands in defeat! Develop the skills you need to get the best from people. Learn to recognize and understand others needs and behaviors and use what you’ve learned to inspire exceptional performance. We’ll also discuss what causes demotivation and how to reverse it, techniques for creating an environment that nurtures initiative-taking, and ways to keep motivation high

Learner Outcomes

  • How to become a confident and results-oriented leader
  • Effective ways to deal with conflict and break down personnel barriers
  • Develop techniques for enhancing project leadership through communication
  • Learning to build relationship for effective collaborations.

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