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Ceramic oral implants are meanwhile part of the daily dental armamentarium to replace lost teeth in a permanent way, next to the classic titanium implants.

The advantages of zirconia as an implant-material are obvious:

1- they have excellent aesthetics due to their whitish colour

2- zirconia is a complete biocompatible material

3- corrosion of this ceramic has never been reported, unlike for titanium

4- no allergic reactions occur (0,6 – 3% for titanium)

5- an optimal soft tissue response and reduced bacterial adhesion are observed

6- zirconia is not temperature conductive, nor radiation conductive

7- only incidental peri-implantitis is detected

8- the material lends itself perfectly to metal-free oral rehabilitation

Moreover, ceramic implants are an addition to the classical treatment spectrum in implant dentistry. Unfortunately, they are often a controversial topic and need a sound scientific and clinical approach since the request for ceramic implants is increasing. It is scientifically proven that micro-rough zirconia implants show similar osseointegration rates as titanium implants.

In this 2-day course we will focus on:

- the added value of zirconia as an implant material

- treatment planning and patient assessment for ceramic dental implants

- surgical aspects and techniques of zirconia implants

- prosthodontic concepts on ceramic implants

- the digital workflow in ceramic implant dentistry

- recognizing and dealing with surgical and prosthetic complications

- market and marketing of ceramic implants

- recent literature on porcelain implants




1:            Introduction

Indications ceramic implants


2:            Applications

Procedures: surgical/prosthetic


3:            Literature update

Market and marketing


4:            Complications Cases





Hands-on 1:       


Demonstration/instructions of materials

Hands-on surgery on plastic models

Surgical digital workflow


Hands-on 2:


Demonstration/instructions of materials

Hands-on prosthetics on plastic models

Prosthetic digital workflow

Learner Outcomes

Upon course completion, the participant will:

       - Understand the status of zirconia as implant material.

       - Survey the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic implants.

       - Comprehend the indications of porcelain implants.

       - Have an up-to-date literature review.

       - Identify the surgical protocols for zirconia implants.

       - Identify the prosthetic protocols for ceramic implants.

       - Get hands-on training in surgical and prosthetic procedures.



Dr. Curd Bollen, DDS, PhD & MSc Perio

Dr. Bollen is at the Catholic University Leuven (B) and PGCert Rest Dent at the University of the Pacific (Stockton, US).  Associate professor implant dentistry at the College of Medicine & Dentistry (Birmingham, University of Ulster, UK).   Clinical activities as specialist periodontist (B) and specialist implantologist (NL) in Belgium, the Netherlands, and the UK.  More than 55 scientific articles in international dental journals and over 25 in national journals. Co-author of 8 books/chapters in books.  Editor in chief of the “Journal of Dental Health, Oral Disorders & Therapy” and of the “Journal of Dental Reports” and editor of 10 other online dental journals.  Ambassador of the CleanImplant foundation.  International referent and lecturer on ceramic dental implants, ultra-short dental implants, concentrated growth factors and full digital workflow.

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