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The Authentic Love Experience: In Sickness and in Health on All 6 Dimensions—PASCEP0300

 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.  January 28 – March 4

This course is designed for the single and married woman who desires liberation in recognizing, addressing and making a commitment to marital relationships when sickness manifests on any of the 6 Dimensions of the Authentic Self (spiritual, emotional, psychological, sexual, physical or social). Whether a woman is single preparing herself for the realistic vicissitudes of life or the married woman resolving herself to stay committed to her vows “in sickness and on health.” Dr. Webb’s theory Discovering the Authentic Self expounds upon truth, freedom, and hope. The women who complete this course will be invited to the A Love Exp. For Women Only weekend retreat scheduled for March 2019.

Instructor: Dr. Latisha Webb is a grounded theorist who uses her concepts of Discovering the Authentic Self and its 6 Dimensions across settings, cultures, populations and fields in order to empower others to “Be and Become” who they really are.


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The Authentic Love Experience: In Sickness and in Health on all 6 Dimensions
5:30PM to 7:00PM
Mar 11, 2019 to Apr 08, 2019
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Course Fee non-credit $35.00