Course Description

This course examines the science of Psychology and the Paranormal. Can most or all paranormal phenomena be debunked? Are ghost and haunted houses real? Can a fortune teller predict your future? These are some questions that will be addressed. Did you know up to 80% of the population believes in one of more aspects of the paranormal. Some paranormal topics addressed are: ESP, sleep paralysis, UFO’s, psychics, ghost/spirits, haunted houses, near death experiences (NDE) and more.

Course Outline

Learning Objectives:

The aims of the course are to enable students to:

  • Define paranormal phenomena
  • Understand the dynamics of scientific assessment as it relates to the paranormal
  • Explain various scientific methods used to debunk and/or support paranormal activity
  • Identify difference between evidence-based and empirical-based evidence
  • Identify various categories of paranormal phenomena
  • Understand the impact horror movies have on mental health and belief systems
  • Have greater understanding of why cultural paranormal beliefs exist


Course Format:

This is a lecture-discussion course which topics and material will be presented by instructor.

Various paranormal aspects will be discussed weekly. Topics highlighted each session:

  • Session 1. Introduction of the Paranormal, Ghost, Spirits, Haunted Houses, Orbs,
  • Session 2. Paranormal Investigators are they real or is it Hollywood entertainment?  Psychics, Mediums, ESP, NDE, Sleep Paralysis
  • Session 3. Horror Movies, UFOs, Unknown Creatures
  • Session 4. Superstition, Folklore and Legend
  • Session 5. Can a person really cast a spell on another? Astro-Projection, Human Aura


Educational Tools & Materials:

Supplied by Instructor


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Paranormal: Real or not Real?
5:30PM to 7:00PM
Feb 09, 2023 to Mar 09, 2023
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Dr. Fatima Abdul Johnson, DM, RM, LEHP, Ph. D. - License Holistic Practitioner, Metaphysician, Certified Hypnotherapist, Philosopher, Author, Motivational Speaker and Domestic Violence Advocate. Dr. Johnson is the founder STRIVE Motivation, Inc. and The Queens United Against Domestic Violence Program.  She has a private practice in Center City Philadelphia.