CESYS0360 - Cultivating Awareness of Race, Gender and Sexual Orientation Microaggressions Part II
CESYS0361 - Trauma & Neurobiology I: Neuroscience and trauma’s effects on the brain
CPH0005 - Possibilities at the End of Life
CPHSSWCE0005 - Working with Couples
CPHSSWCE0007 - Cultivating Awareness of Race, Gender and Sexual Orientation Microaggressions Part I
CPHSSWCE0024 - Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting in Pennsylvania
CPHSSWCE0029 - Working with Couples Who Have Experienced Trauma
CPHSSWCE0030 - Mindfulness I: An Introduction for Clients and Mental Health Professionals
CPHSSWCE0031 - Mindfulness II: Further Integrating Mindfulness into Personal and Professional Practice
CPHSSWCE0037 - LSW / LCSW Exam Prep
CPHSSWCE0038 - Understanding and Treating Obesity: A primer for mental health professionals
CPHSSWCE0039 - Medical Social Work: Nuts and bolts of the fastest growing career in social work
CPHSSWCE0040 - Bioethics for Social Workers
CPHSSWCE0041 - Opiate Epidemic I: Societal Causes and Potential Interventions
CPHSSWCE0042 - Opiate Epidemic II: The Intersection of the Individual's Addiction and Redirection
CPHSSWCE0043 - Military Counseling I: Introduction to Clinical and Ethical Practice
CPHSSWCE0044 - Military Counseling II: Military Culture 101 and Implications for Clinical Treatment
CPHSSWCE0045 - Social Work in Primary Care I: Core Principles of Behavioral Health Consultation in Primary Care
CPHSSWCE0046 - Social Work in Primary Care II: Integrating Behavioral Assessment Tools and Screenings, Understanding Medical Lingo, and Analyzing Health Outcomes in Primary Care
CPHSSWCE0047 - Neurobiology of Trauma
CPHSSWCE0048 - Understanding the Healthcare Delivery System
CPHSSWCE0049 - Medical Social Work Practice I
CPHSSWCE0050 - Medical Social Work Practice II
CPHSSWCE0051 - Medical Social Work: Oncology
CPHSSWCE0052 - We are only Human: Interacting with Clients Impacted by Chronic and Acute Illness
CPHSSWCE0053 - EMDR: A-TIP (Acute-Traumatic Incident Procedures)
CPHSSWCE0054 - Military Counseling III: The Invisible Wounds of War
CPHSSWCE0056 - Cultivating Awareness of Race, Gender and Sexual Orientation Microaggressions Part II
CPHSSWCE0057 - Military Counseling IV: The Family Fortress - The Military Family
CPHSSWCE0058 - Military Counseling V: Clinical Work with Military Children and Adolescents
CPHSSWCE0059 - Military Counseling VI: Working with Military Couples and Partners
CPHSSWCE0060 - Military Counseling VII: Women Warriors - Clinical Work with Military Women
CPHSSWCE0061 - Military Counseling VIII: Military Healthcare and Community Response
CPHSSWCE0062 - Ego States: Working Through Resistance
CPHSSWCE0063 - Ego Parts: Working through internal conflict
CPHSSWCE0064 - EMDR Basics I: Overview and Introduction to Theory and Practice
CPHSSWCE0065 - EMDR Basics II: Overview and Introduction to Theory and Practice
CPHSSWCE0066 - Self-care and Vicarious Trauma: Taking Care of Yourself While Taking Care of Others
CPHSSWCE0067 - Cognitive Processing Therapy for Trauma: An introduction
CPHSSWCE0068 - Childhood Obesity - It's Not Just Baby Fat: Causes, consequences and strategies for addressing childhood obesity
CPHSSWCE0069 - Understanding and Treating Obesity: A primer for mental health professionals
CPHSSWCE0070 - Program Evaluation I: Methods of Evaluation at the Program Level
CPHSSWCE0071 - Program Evaluation II: Qualitative Methods of Clinical Practice Evaluation
CPHSSWCE0072 - Treating Difficult Clients
CPHSSWCE0073 - Trauma & Neurobiology II: Advanced clinical treatments informed by neuroscience
CPHSSWCE0074 - Trauma & Neurobiology I: Neuroscience and trauma’s effects on the brain
CPHSSWCE0075 - Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)
CPHSSWCE0076 - Testing the Validity of DSM Major Depressive Disorder Criteria
CPHSSWCE0077 - It's Not All Rainbows and Unicorns: Understanding mental health and addiction disparities in the LGBTQ community, Part 1
CPHSSWCE0078 - It's Not All Rainbows and Unicorns: Understanding mental health and addiction in the LGBTQ community, Part 2
CPHSSWCE0079 - Introduction to Theories of Clinical Social Work Supervision
CPHSSWCE0080 - Ethics in Clinical Social Work Supervision
CPHSSWCE0081 - Conscience Laws and Social Work: Refusing to perform professional responsibilities because of moral or personal beliefs
CPHSSWCE0082 - Dying in the 21st Century: Ethical issues in end-of-life care
CPHSSWCE0382 - Striving towards Health Equity: Opportunities to Address Health Disparities
CPHSSWCE0383 - Suicide Prevention
CPHSSWCE0384 - Family Therapy--Changing Relational Patterns to Promote Growth and Change Part I: Theoretical and Skill Foundation for Using Relational Assessment
CPHSSWCE0385 - Family Therapy -- Changing Relational Patterns to Promote Growth and Change Part II: Blocking Negative Relational Patterns to Promote Growth-Promoting Patterns
CPHSSWCE0387 - Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT): An Evidence-Based Treatment for Young Children who have Behavioral Problems
CPHSSWCE0388 - Ethical Practice
CPHSSWCE0391 - Motivational Interviewing
CPHSSWCE0392 - FRPN/TU Fatherhood Symposium: Fathers of Children at Risk for Maltreatment
CPHSSWCE0393 - CBT-ART: A combination of cognitive behavioral interventions and art therapy for treatment of distressful memories and emotions
CPHSSWCE0394 - Before Stage 4- Early Intervention for Psychosis
CPHSSWCE0395 - Human Trafficking 101
CPHSSWCE0396 - Supporting Individuals and Families across the Lifespan Impacted by Illness: Navigating the Health Care System
CPHSSWCE0397 - Sex Positive Approach to LGBTQ Health
CPHSSWCE0398 - Applying Supervision and Management Principles to Develop Staff and Deliver Quality Services
CPHSSWCE0399 - Military Mental Health
CPHSSWCE0400 - Professional Quality of Life: Stress and Burnout Prevention
CPHSSWCE0401 - Mindfulness
CPHSSWCE0402 - Oncology Social Work: Navigating Patients and Families through Cancer
CPHSSWCE0404 - Suicide Prevention Training: Understanding Assessing, and Intervening
CPHSSWCE0405 - Creative Coping: CBT for kids
CPHSSWCE0406 - Trauma-Informed Supervisory Practices
CPHSSWCE0407 - Keeping the Spark Alive: Motivation through Supervision
CPHSSWCE0408 - Bioethics in Social Work
CPHSSWCE0409 - Psychosocial Issues of Aging
CPHSSWCE0410 - Managing Organizations from a Trauma-Informed Lens
CPHSSWCE0411 - The Social Determinants of Maternal Child Health
CPHSSWCE0412 - Non-suicidal Self-Injury: Assessment and Conceptualization
CPHSSWCE0413 - Grants: The Ethical Implications & Responsibilities of External Funding
CPHSSWCE0414 - Grief and Loss: Strategies for Helping Clients Heal
CPHSSWCE0415 - Maternal Substance Use and Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
CPHSSWCE0416 - Technology and Social Work
CPHSSWCE0417 - Forensic Social Work
CPHSSWCE0418 - The Art of Advocacy
CPHSSWCE0419 - Social Work Practice with Individuals who have an Autism Diagnosis
CPHSSWCE0420 - Cognitive Processing Training
CPHSSWCE0421 - Compulsive Eating, Binge Eating Disorder, and Food Addiction What you need to know
CPHSSWCE0423 - Fostering Collaborations & Partnerships to Effect Change
CPHSSWCE0426 - Protecting and Supporting Older Adults During COVID-19: The Social Workers’ Role
CPHSSWCE0427 - Human Trafficking 201
CPHSSWCE0428 - Effects of Trauma Exposure in Human Development
CPHSSWCE0429 - Anti-Oppressive Practice and Historical Trauma
CPHSSWCE0430 - Trauma and the Brain: Key Concepts
CPHSSWCE0431 - Housing First: How and Why It Works
CPHSSWCE0432 - Coping with Stress: Promoting well-being in ourselves and others
CPHSSWCE0433 - Queer-Affirming Care: Beyond the Basics
CPHSSWCE0434 - Trauma-Informed Screening, Intake and Assessment
CPHSSWCE0435 - Identifying Elder Abuse and Neglect and Reporting Responsibilities
CPHSSWCE0436 - Grounding Techniques
CPHSSWCE0437 - Intersectionality of Trauma and Aging
CPHSSWCE0438 - Fatherhood Engagement and Social Connections
CPHSSWCE0439 - Ethics in Social Work Admiistrators
CPHSSWCE0440 - Juvenile Justice
CPHSSWCE0444 - Health Disparities: The Impact of COVID-19 and the Role of Social Workers
CPHSSWCE0445 - Trauma-Specific treatments
CPHSSWCE0446 - Stigma and Disease
CPHSSWCE0447 - Trauma and Stress-Related Disorders
CPHSSWCE0448 - The Person-Centered Ethics of Harm Reduction
CPHSSWCE0449 - Intimate Partner Violence (IPV): Trauma-Informed Best Practices
CPHSSWCE0450 - Supporting Black Males
CPHSSWCE0451 - Ethics Case Study: Advocating for Trauma-Informed Policies
CPHSSWCE0452 - Engaging in Youth Foster Care
CPHSSWCE0453 - Trauma-Sensitive Yoga
CPHSSWCE0454 - Collective Trauma, Resilience and Community Practice
CPHSSWCE0455 - Couples Counseling
CPHSSWCE0456 - Clinical Discussions of PrEP Uptake and Adherence with LGBTQ+ Identified Individuals
CPHSSWCE0457 - Ethical Decision Making in Everyday Social Work
CPHSSWCE0458 - Mindfulness I
CPHSSWCE0459 - Mindfulness II
CPHSSWCE0460 - Managing People from a Trauma-Informed Lens
CPHSSWCE0461 - Trauma-Informed Supervisory Practices
CPHSSWCE0462 - The DSM-5
CPHSSWCE0463 - Social Work Practice with Neuro-diverse Individuals
CPHSSWCE0464 - LSW/LCSW Prep Course: Part I
CPHSSWCE0465 - LSW/LCSW Prep Course: Part II
CPHSSWCE0466 - Support for Practitioners in Radical Social Justice or Anti-Racism work
HBGCE0004 - Clinical Supervision Certificate Program
HBGCE0008 - Creative Therapies for Adults
HBGCE0041 - Enhancing Communities Learning Series 2018: #MeToo and the Non-Profit
HBGCE0093 - Trans 101 (LGBT Center of Central PA Beginner Training) (Course 1 of 2)
HBGCE0094 - Trans Advanced Training: Mental Health Providers (LGBT Center of Central PA Advanced Training) (Course 2 of 2)
HBGCE0095 - Community Health Worker Training Program (Virtual Course)
HBGCE0096 - CMU Conference: Creating Opportunities Together - Continuing Education Request
HBGCE0101 - Module 1: Mission and Your Role as a Leader - Nonprofit Management Certificate Program (Online)
HBGCE0103 - Module 3: Program Design and Development - Nonprofit Management Certificate Program (Online)
HBGCE0104 - Module 4: Managing Relationships - Nonprofit Management Certificate Program (Online)
HBGCE0105 - Module 5: Managing for Performance - Nonprofit Management Certificate Program (Online)
HBGCE0106 - Module 6: Administrative and Financial Management - Nonprofit Management Certificate Program (Online)
HBGCE0107 - Module 7: Marketing and Communications - Nonprofit Management Certificate Program (Online)
HBGCE0108 - Module 8: Resource Development - Nonprofit Management Certificate Program (Online)
HBGCE0109 - Module 9: Ethical Issues - Nonprofit Management Certificate Program (Online)
HBGCE0110 - Module 10: Diversity, Inclusion, & Cultural Humility - Nonprofit Management Certificate Program (Online)
HBGCE0117 - 2020 Continuing Education Series for Human Services Professionals - Training Topic 4: Transgender Intermediate Part 1
HBGCE0123 - 2020 Enhancing Communities Learning Series (ECLS): Training for the Nonprofit Leader Workshop #2: Developing an Effective Strategic Plan
HBGCE0135 - 2021 Transgender Continuing Education Series
HBGIASH0002 - LGBTQ Sensitivity and Cultural Competency
HBGIASH0004 - LGBTQ Sensitivity and Cultural Competency Training
HBGIASH0005 - Great Mentoring: Positive Conversations with Young People about Sexual Decisions
HBGIASH0007 - Adults as Allies
HBGIASH0008 - Essentials of Asset Building
HBGIASH0009 - Everybody is a Sex Educator
HBGIASH0010 - Gender Identity Train the Trainer
HBGIASH0011 - Sex Ed for Clinicians
HBGIASH0012 - Teaching about Identity, Attraction and Behavior
HBGIASH0013 - Unequal Partners Facilitator Training
HBGIASH0014 - Orientation: LGBTQ Identities
HBGIASH0015 - 40 Developmental Assets
HBGPLTH0001 - Introduction to Play Therapy
HBGPLTH0006 - Slaying the Dragons: Ignite the power of play to help hurting hearts
HBGSBL0001 - Strengths-based Leadership: An Overview
HBGSBL0002 - Communication Skills for Strengths-based Leaders
HBGSBL0003 - Culture and the Strengths-based Leader
HBGSBL0004 - Performance Management and the Strengths-based Leader
HBGSBL0005 - Strengths-based Leaders Impacting Change
HBGSBL0006 - Strengths-based Leadership Final Presentations
HBGSBL0007 - Hybrid Strengths-based Leadership: An Overview
HBGSBL0008 - Hybrid Communication Skills for Strengths-based Leaders
HBGSBL0009 - Hybrid Culture and the Strengths-based Leader
HBGSBL0010 - Hybrid Performance Management and the Strengths-based Leader
HBGSBL0011 - Hybrid Strengths-based Leaders Impacting Change
HBGSBL0012 - Hybrid Strengths-based Leadership Final Presentations
PASCEP0450 - Social Determinants of Health: Ecological Model
PCHA0021 - PCHA 100 Hour: Mental Health First Aid
SFW0002 - SFW New Learning Coach Training
SFW0003 - SFW Learning Coach/Instructor Recertification
SFW0004-001 - SFW Online New Learning Coach Training
SFW0012 - Virtual Learning Coach & Instructor Recertification
SFW0013 - SFW Recertification Part 1
SFW0014 - SFW Recertification Part 2
SFW0018 - SFW New Learning Coach Training (webinar)
SFW0019 - SFW Learning Coach Recertification (webinar)
SFW0021 - SFW Recertification: 2014
SFW0022 - United Planning Organization Strengths-based Leadership Series
SFW0025 - Dauphin County Credential For Strengths-based Family Worker Class
SFW0026 - City of York Strengths-based Leadership
SFW0037 - Allegheny Strengths-based Leadership
SFW0038 - SFW Credential Reinstatement and Recertification
SFW0039 - Eastern Carolina HSA Credential for Strengths-based Family Worker Class
SFW0040 - Ninth District Opportunity Credential for Strengths- based Family Workers
SFW0042 - Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission Credential for Strengths-based Family Worker Class
SFW0044 - Clinton County Credential for Strengths-based Family Worker Class
SFW0045 - SFW Recredential
SFW0046 - SFW Reinstatement and Recredential Course
SFW0049 - SFW Recertification: 2016
SFW0052 - SFW - Virtual New Learning Coach training
SFW0055 - Sheltering Arms Strengths-Based Family Worker Class
SFW0061 - Foundations of Strengths-based Practice