Discover the specific knowledge needed to succeed in researching and utilizing the best and most appropriate data for decision making for your work organization.  Get the skills needed to effectively communicate research results to a specific audience for maximum impact and effective decision making.  For business professionals, entrepreneurs, and anyone who needs specific information about a business; or who is in business and needs specific information about a particular topic such as market potential, competitive intelligence, standard industry practice, productivity improvement, etc.  This course will give you the specific knowledge you need to succeed in your research quest. 
This certificate program consists of three, one month online courses (only available as a Certificate). You may not register individually for courses. The cost for the certificate program is $495. No discounts apply.
Mary Dereshiwsky and Cathy Boys, instructors.

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CERTIFICATE IN BUSINESS RESEARCH in one semester! Register for the three required courses and pay $495 for all courses and the certificate. This is an online certificate program. You cannot register for the courses individually; only through the certificate program. This is an online certificate program.
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