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Prepare for Academic Success at Temple University

Temple University attracts students from all over the world to the historic city of Philadelphia, the 5th largest city in the United States, a cultural, artistic and culinary center. International students enjoy the excellent educational resources available at Temple and the many cultural experiences available on and near campus.

The Intensive English Language Program Offers:

  • Small, year-round English classes for all proficiency levels
  • 21 hours of instruction per week in listening, speaking, writing, reading, and elective classes
  • Interesting and effective cultural enrichment courses. Improve presentation skills, watch and discuss movies,      learn English by volunteering in the community, learn about American idioms and slang, and more!

Tuition and Fees

We understand that some students progress more quickly than others. IELP sessions are only 7 weeks long, offering you more flexibility than other programs to move to a higher level of instruction.

One session (7 weeks) is approximately $2,700. There is a 5 percent discount when paying for two sessions (14 weeks) at once.

More Reasons to Come to Temple University

Accreditation and Instructors: The IELP is accredited by the American Association of Intensive English Programs (AAIEP). Instructors hold a Master’s degree in TESOL, or Ph.D. in a related field.

Conversation Partners: International students are paired with American conversation partners to practice speaking English in an informal setting.

Activities: The IELP arranges excursions and activities that expose students to the culture of the U.S, including trips to other major cities like Washington D.C. and New York City, skiing in the Pocono Mountains, or enjoying the nearby beaches. Locally, students are accompanied to museums, sporting events, concerts and shopping, as well as architectural tours in the city of Philadelphia.

Access to University Resources: Students receive access to all library facilities and to the Temple University TECH Center, a state-of-the-art technology facility with a variety of work spaces to enable students to work collaboratively or individually. Students may also enjoy Temple University’s recreational facilities, ranked 8th in the nation. The rec center offers aquatic facilities, a rock climbing wall, an indoor golf driving range, fitness classes and more.

International Services: Temple University’s Office of International Student and Scholar Services provides advisory and counseling services for international students, including help in applying to American universities of their choice.

For more information: Temple University Intensive English Language Program



Contact Information

Email Address:
Telephone Number: (215) 204-7899
Program Office Address:

Office Address:
1415 N. Broad Street, Suite 229
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Mailing Address: 
1801 N. Broad Street, Suite 403
Philadelphia, PA 19122



AT0001 - Pre-Access Temple Course 1
AT0002 - Pre-Access Temple Course 2
AT0003 - Pre-Access Temple Course 3
AT0004 - Pre-Access Temple Course 4
AT0005 - Pre-Access Temple Pronunciation
AT0711 - CAP-3 English 0711
AT1001 - CAP-2 Integrated Core Skills
AT1002 - CAP-2 UNVS 1003 Support
AT1003 - CAP-2 UNVS 1003
AT1005 - CAP-2 Pronunciation
AT1014 - Access Temple 1 American Slang and Idioms
AT1024 - Access Temple 1 Academic Presentation Skills
AT1034 - Access Temple 1 Community Based Learning
AT1044 - Access Temple 1 Critical Analysis and Discussion of Current Events
AT1054 - Access Temple 1 English in Documentaries
AT1064 - CAP-2 Film Studies for Comprehension and Discussion
AT1074 - Access Temple 1 Modern American History: A Cultural Perspective
AT1084 - Access Temple 1 Surviving Life at American Universities
AT2002 - CAP-3 English 0711 Support
AT2003 - Access Temple 2 University Course
AT2005 - CAP- Pronunciation
AT2014 - CAP-3 American Slang and Idioms
AT2024 - Access Temple 2 Academic Presentation Skills
AT2034 - Access Temple 2 Community Based Learning
AT2044 - Access Temple 2 Critical Analysis and Discussion of Current Events
AT2054 - Access Temple 2 English in Documentaries
AT2064 - Access Temple 2 Film Studies for Comprehension and Discussion
AT2074 - Access Temple 2 Modern American History: A Cultural Perspective
AT2084 - CAP-3 Surviving Life at American Universities
AT2106 - CAP-3 Business ESP
AT2206 - Access Temple 2 STEM ESP
AT2306 - CAP-3 Liberal Arts and STEM
IELP0111 - Beginner Writing 1
IELP0112 - Beginner Writing 2
IELP0113 - Beginner Writing 3
IELP0114 - Beginner Writing 4
IELP0119 - Beginner Writing Special Topics
IELP0121 - Beginner Reading 1
IELP0122 - Beginner Reading 2
IELP0123 - Beginner Reading 3
IELP0124 - Beginner Reading 4
IELP0129 - Beginner Reading Special Topics
IELP0131 - Beginner Reading and Writing 1
IELP0132 - Beginner Reading and Writing 2
IELP0141 - Beginner Listening and Speaking 1
IELP0142 - Beginner Listening and Speaking 2
IELP0143 - Beginner Listening and Speaking 3
IELP0144 - Beginner Listening and Speaking 4
IELP0149 - Beginner Listening and Speaking Special Topics
IELP0180 - Beginner Enrichment Courses
IELP0190 - Beginner Short Courses
IELP0200 - Writing and Reading Intensive
IELP0211 - Intermediate Writing 1
IELP0212 - Intermediate Writing 2
IELP0213 - Intermediate Writing 3
IELP0214 - Intermediate Writing 4
IELP0219 - Intermediate Writing Special Topics
IELP0221 - Intermediate Reading and Reflection 1
IELP0222 - Intermediate Reading and Reflection 2
IELP0223 - Intermediate Reading and Analysis 3
IELP0224 - Intermediate Reading and Analysis 4
IELP0229 - Intermediate Reading Special Topics
IELP0241 - Intermediate Listening and Speaking 1
IELP0242 - Intermediate Listening and Speaking 2
IELP0243 - Intermediate Listening and Speaking 3
IELP0244 - Intermediate Listening and Speaking 4
IELP0249 - Intermediate Listening and Speaking Special Topics
IELP0280 - Intermediate Enrichment Courses
IELP0290 - Intermediate Short Courses
IELP0300 - TCALC Enrichment Classes
IELP0331 - Bridge to Proficiency Reading and Writing 1
IELP0332 - Bridge to Proficiency Reading and Writing 2
IELP0333 - Reading and Writing Proficiency 1
IELP0334 - Reading and Writing Proficiency 2
IELP0335 - Advanced Reading and Writing 5
IELP0339 - Advanced Special Topics
IELP0341 - Advanced Listening and Speaking 1
IELP0342 - Advanced Listening and Speaking 2
IELP0343 - Advanced Listening and Speaking 3
IELP0344 - Advanced Listening and Speaking 4: Listening to Lectures
IELP0349 - Advanced Listening and Speaking Special Topics
IELP0380 - Advanced Enrichment Courses
IELP0390 - Chatting with Americans
IELP0480 - Open Level Enrichment Courses
IELP0490 - English Through Volunteer Work.
IELP0495 - Reading and Writing Advanced
IELP0496 - Elective Academic Presentation
IELP0497 - AT Elective Vocabulary Develop
IELP1101 - Beginner Integrated English 1
IELP1102 - Level 2 - High Beginner Integrated English
IELP1234 - Conditional Admission 1
IELP1301 - Beginning Grammar for Writers
IELP1304 - English in Action
IELP2101 - Level 3 - High Beginner Integrated English
IELP2102 - Intermediate Integrated English 2
IELP2103 - Intermediate Integrated English 3
IELP2201 - Level 3 - High Beginner Writing
IELP2202 - Level 4 - Intermediate Writing
IELP2203 - Level 5 - Intermediate Writing
IELP2302 - Spoken English: Words and Sounds
IELP2303 - Intermediate Writing Workshop
IELP2305 - Intermediate English for Business
IELP2306 - Intermediate English for STEM
IELP2308 - Reading and Vocabulary
IELP3101 - Level 6 - High Intermediate Integrated English
IELP3102 - Level 7 - High Intermediate Integrated English
IELP3201 - Level 6 - High Intermediate Writing
IELP3202 - Level 7 - High Intermediate Writing
IELP3303 - High Intermediate Writing Workshop
IELP3304 - Intermediate Listening Workshop
IELP3305 - High Intermediate English for Business
IELP3306 - High Intermediate English for STEM
IELP4101 - Level 8 - Advanced Integrated English
IELP4201 - Level 8 - Advanced Writing
IELP4202 - Level 9 - Advanced Writing
IELP4203 - Level 10 - Advanced Plus Writing
IELP4303 - Advanced Writing Workshop
IELP4304 - Advanced Listening Workshop
IELP4305 - Advanced English for Business
IELP4306 - Advanced English for STEM
IELP4308 - One Book One Philadelphia
IELP4309 - Advanced Pronunciation and Presentation Skills
IELP5301 - University Life and Culture
IELP5303 - IELTS Preparation - Reading and Listening
IELP5304 - Grammar Workshop
IELP5305 - TOEFL Practice
IELP5306 - IELTS Preparation - Writing and Speaking
IELP5307 - American Language and Culture through Service Learning
IELP5308 - Reading and Vocabulary
IELPAAE1116 - Discover Philadelphia - GAE
IELPSP0006 - Academic Boot Camp Academic Speaking
IELPSR0100 - Academic Writing Brush-Up
IELPSR0200 - Academic Speaking & Pronunciation Brush-Up
IELPSR9000 - IELP Assessments


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