Continuing Education Systems (CE Systems)

DestinyOne is the system of record for non-credit and continuing education activity at Temple University and is managed by a central support team, Continuing Education Systems. Our public shopping site is If you are interested in a consult with the CE systems team as you plan your conference or program, please sign-up for our DestinyOne class below.

CE Systems DestinyOne Demo May 20, 2014

Continuing Education System's Role

CE systems is a service unit within University College that provides support for existing and new non-credit and continuing education programs at Temple University. We provide training, technology support, finance reconciliations for our user community. We currently support 36 administrative units with over 300 staff and an estimated 5,000 students a semester.

There is no charge for using DestinyOne to the department or college that is starting or continuing a non-credit program. The only direct pass-through cost to the department are credit card processing fees, which average out to about 1.5% of revenue processed via credit card. (I.E. - if you process a $100 payment via credit card, the average fee will be $1.50 on that transaction).

ACT 48 - Program Approval and Submission of Completed Hours

The CE Systems office is the administrator of the ACT 48 approval and submission process for the University.

Departments that wish to offer ACT 48 eligible continuing education and non-credit courses or events must submit an application for approval to University College.
ACT 48 Application

After the course(s) or event is over, CE Systems will then submit the documentation reporting the recipients' completed hours once all necessary information is provided. Paper letter confirmations will be mailed to the ACT 48 recipients approximately 7-10 days after the end of the course event.

ACT 48 Submission Process Overview.

Starting a New Program

Starting a program takes about 7 weeks to introduce the system, get classes set up, and training for during and after the registration period. Find out the details needed to start a program below.

Information needed to start a program

Creating a Conference/Event

If your program is holding an event/conference, it can be set up in DestinyOne. The time needed to set up the conference/event is about 3 weeks. Find out the details needed to start an event or conference below.

Process to create an event/conference



Staff Members

Associate Vice Provost, University College: Nicole Westrick
Associate Director, CE Systems: David Benson
Assistant Director, Summer & Special Programs: Vacant
Finance and Accounting Coordinator: Sheila Avent
Programmer/Analyst: Carl Grunwald
Department Coordinator: Timothy Galbraith
Student Interns: Bill Daws
Stephanie Fisher
Daria Gbor
Melissa Grossman
Ronnie Payton
Armond Smith

Contact Information

Email Address:
Telephone Number: (215) 204-4866
Program Office Address: Carnell Hall, 8th Floor
1805 N. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122