A four-semester certificate program providing young adults with intellectual disabilities an authentic college experience while developing vocational skills and making career plans. Academy students take academic courses in addition to a weekly seminar exploring college life and career options based on their interests and goals. All Academy students are required to complete a semester long weekly internship on Temple's Main Campus. Each Academy student is matched with a mentor who is a matriculated Temple student. All students participate in a wide variety of activities, events, and organizations within Temple University.


Basic Principles

  • The program is an authentic learning experience
  • Academy students determine and direct the support they need.
  • Academy students select their individual courses and academic classes according to their own interest.
  • In addition to their academic courses, Academy students are enrolled in a weekly seminar focusing on building success in college and in the work place.
  • Academy students complete a one semester, weekly internship located on Temple's Campus.
  • Academy Students develop relationships with other Temple students to gain support and guidance in reaching positive academic, career, and personal goals.

Program Requirements

  • Students must have an intellectual disability as documented through the County Office of Intellectual Disabilities in which the student resides
  • Age 18 to 26
  • Have the ability to pay for classes through service funds or privately
  • Have transportation to Temple's campus
  • Available to attend day and evening classes
  • Participate in extracurricular activities for a minimum of 10 hours per week


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Mentors and Tutors

Temple University undergraduate students in good standing are recruited, hired, trained and supervised by Academy for Adult Learning staff at the Institute on Disabilities to serve as effective mentors and tutors to Academy students. Mentors support Academy students as they explore, navigate and access the many resources, activities and organizations available to all students on Temple University’s campus. Tutors provide academic support to Academy students and provide assistance in the classroom and with class assignments.


Program Components


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Each Academy student is matched with a mentor. Academy students take an active role in selecting their mentors and matching is based on mutual interests and compatibility. Academy students participate in recreational and social activities of their choosing as part of the overall college experience. Academy students direct the activities they want to pursue on campus based on their desires and goals. Mentors provide individualized support to each student as they explore and access the resources, activities and organizations they are interested in on Temple University’s campus.

Academy students are provided with tutoring supports by Temple University undergraduate students in good standing who are recruited, hired, trained and supervised by Academy for Adult Learning staff at the Institute on Disabilities to serve as effective tutors to Academy students. Academy students are matched with tutors based on the tutor’s knowledge of the subject area and schedule availability. Tutors work with each Academy students and their individualized class accommodation plan.




Weekly seminar is a full day, mandatory class where students engage in a variety of activities and practices geared at broadening their knowledge in a range of subjects on adjusting to college life, self-awareness, and career development. Each seminar also provides technical support to enhance student's computer skills in Microsoft Office Suite and Internet access.

Performance Objectives for the Seminar are:

  • Assess personal strengths and challenges as they relate to career exploration and development.
  • Utilize career resources to develop a knowledge base that includes global occupational objectives.
  • Relate work ethic, workplace relations, workplace diversity, and workplace communication skills to career development.
  • Apply knowledge gained from individual assessment to a comprehensive set of goals and an individual career plan.
  • Develop strategies to make an effective transition from school to work.
  • Relate the importance of lifelong learning to career success.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Power Point) Microsoft Publisher, Internet navigation.


Academy for Adult Learning students are required to complete a semester-long, weekly internship. The purpose of completing an internships is to provide students with work experience that will continue to develop basic employment skills such as attendance, punctuality, following directions, and co-worker relationships. All internships are located on Temple's main campus. Each student is placed according to his/her interest of employment.

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Based on interest and employment goals students are required to take two academic courses each semester, in addition to the Academy seminar. These courses can be typical undergraduate college courses or continuing education courses offered on campus.



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Contact Information

Contact Name: Titania Boddie, Project Coordinator
Email Address: titania.boddie@temple.edu
Telephone Number: (215) 204-1356
Contact Name: Anthony Brown, Program Coordinator
Email Address: anthony.brown0001@temple.edu
Telephone Number: (215) 204-7177