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Learn new skills! Enrich your life!

Looking to be more marketable in today's economy? Considering a second or even a third career? Exploring your passions for your own enjoyment? Temple University's Office of Non-Credit and Continuing Education (ONCE) offers a wide variety of non-credit courses and certificate programs at the Ambler and Center City campuses that may help you to prepare for a new job, get ahead in your current job or explore new directions.

Non-Credit programs can provide you with learning opportunities at all phases of your life. With a variety of options to choose from, there's bound to be something of interest to you. In addition to our professional development and personal enrichment courses for adults, we also offer these additional programs:

Online Learning

Think you don't have time to take a course? Think again! We can help you learn online - anytime and anywhere!

Digital Advertising Certificate Program

This non-credit certificate program will provide you with the opportunity to expand your digital skill set, build your career, and enhance your personal brand. This online program is taught by well-respected professors with real-world experience. Classes start January 9th, 2017. Register online or call 267-468-8500.

Temple University partners with providers such as ed2go to provide online courses and career training programs that can help you achieve your professional and personal goals.

In addition, we offer the UGotClass series of online courses in partnership with LERN (Learning Resources Network). Develop skills for the 21st century, demonstrate your knowledge and boost your productivity! View the current UGotClass online course offerings.

Current Non-Credit Offerings

Below is just a sampling of the some of the non-credit courses and certificate programs that are currently offered. To view all of the non-credit courses and certificate programs, download a copy of our latest catalog. Questions? Contact us at ncregistrar@temple.edu or call (267) 468-8500. We look forward to seeing you in class soon!

Teach a Non-Credit Course

Do you have a dynamic personality, expertise in a particular topic and the ability to teach? If you have a suggestion and are interested in teaching a new course, let us know. Please complete the Non-Credit Course Proposal Form and email it to us at ncregistrar@temple.edu or fax it us at (267) 468-8506.


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Contact Information

Email Address: ncregistrar@temple.edu
Telephone Number: (267) 468-8500
Fax Number: (267) 468-8506



ONCE0005 - Analyzing Your Garden And Landscape
ONCE0006 - Aquaponics 101
ONCE0008 - Art History Of American Painters
ONCE0010 - Ballroom Dancing: Dance Like The Stars
ONCE0011 - Become A Wedding Planner
ONCE0012 - Black Belt Accounting: Fundamentals For The Non-Accountant - Part I
ONCE0013 - Black Belt Accounting: Fundamentals For The Non-Accountant - Part II
ONCE0014 - Blue-Ribbon Flower Arranging: Preparing For The Flower Show Competition
ONCE0016 - Buddhist Meditation: A Journey Within; An Awakened State of Being
ONCE0017 - Buddhist Meditation For Beginners: Arouse, Cultivate, Fulfill
ONCE0019 - Budgeting Tool Kit
ONCE0021 - Business Coaching Certificate (Online)
ONCE0033 - Adobe Dreamweaver CS6: LEVEL I
ONCE0034 - Adobe Dreamweaver CS6: LEVEL II
ONCE0037 - Adobe Illustrator CC: Level I
ONCE0038 - Adobe InDesign CC: Level I
ONCE0039 - Adobe InDesign CC: Level II
ONCE0043 - Adobe Photoshop CC: LEVEL I (daytime)
ONCE0044 - Adobe Photoshop for the Web
ONCE0049 - Build Your Web Site: Putting It All Together
ONCE0051 - Introduction to Computers: Computers For The Terrified
ONCE0053 - Contract Negotiations
ONCE0055 - Conversational Chinese: Part I
ONCE0060 - Creating Tropical Floral Arrangements
ONCE0061 - Creating Your Vegetable Garden
ONCE0070 - Digital Darkroom: Introduction To Photoshop
ONCE0071 - Digital Photography I
ONCE0072 - Digital Photography II
ONCE0073 - Grammar for Grownups
ONCE0076 - Effective Study Skills (Grades 9 To 12)
ONCE0093 - Fabrics And Materials
ONCE0097 - Floral Design I
ONCE0098 - Floral Design II
ONCE0099 - Flower Arranging For Special Occasions
ONCE0100 - Flower Arranging Of Yesterday For Today
ONCE0101 - Food And Beverage
ONCE0104 - Fundamentals Of Design And Layout
ONCE0105 - Fundamentals Of Editing
ONCE0107 - Fundamentals Of Meeting Planning
ONCE0108 - Furniture
ONCE0115 - Going Green: Expressive Floral Designs Featuring Foliage
ONCE0116 - Google Analytics
ONCE0124 - Herbaceous Plant Identification: Spring Plants
ONCE0131 - Ikebana-Japanese Influence On The Art Of Flower Arranging
ONCE0134 - Interior Design Certificate Program: Summer One Week Intensive Format
ONCE0136 - Intermediate Spanish
ONCE0141 - Introduction To Beekeeping
ONCE0145 - Introduction to Web Site Design
ONCE0147 - Introduction To Italian: Part I
ONCE0148 - Introduction To Italian: Part II
ONCE0149 - Getting Paid To Talk: Professional Voice Acting
ONCE0151 - Introduction To Social Media (online)
ONCE0152 - Introduction To Spanish
ONCE0154 - Introduction To Wine Appreciation
ONCE0156 - Investment Planning
ONCE0159 - Jump Start Your Creative Writing
ONCE0162 - Kissing Ball Workshop
ONCE0164 - Landscape Maintenance
ONCE0165 - Learn To Play American Mah Jongg
ONCE0170 - Lighting And Accessories
ONCE0178 - Managing The Tough Spots
ONCE0179 - Master Editing Workshop
ONCE0204 - Preparing Teens For Money Management (Ages 15 To 17)
ONCE0206 - Project Management Basics I
ONCE0207 - Project Management Basics II
ONCE0209 - Project Management: Leading The Team
ONCE0210 - Proofread Like A Pro
ONCE0214 - QuickBooks
ONCE0218 - Reinventing Yourself Through Writing
ONCE0220 - Residential Landscape Design
ONCE0227 - Search Engine Optimization
ONCE0228 - Self Defense For Women
ONCE0231 - Site Inspection And Selection
ONCE0240 - Speaking with Confidence
ONCE0245 - Technology For The Meeting Professional
ONCE0246 - Telling Stories: Writing Novels And Creative Nonfiction
ONCE0247 - Tents And Outdoor Weddings
ONCE0250 - The Business Side Of Interior Design
ONCE0251 - The Business Side Of Wedding Planning & Consulting
ONCE0253 - The Effective Use Of Color
ONCE0254 - The Essentials Of Catering
ONCE0262 - The Manager As Leader
ONCE0271 - Twitter (online)
ONCE0277 - Wedding Planning And Consulting: Part I
ONCE0278 - Wedding Planning And Consulting: Part II
ONCE0280 - What's Your Point?: Effective Interpersonal Communication
ONCE0282 - Wine And Cheese: A Perfect Marriage
ONCE0284 - Woody Plant Identification
ONCE0288 - Wordpress For Beginners
ONCE0290 - College Essay Boot Camp (Ages 14-18)
ONCE0293 - Writing Short Stories
ONCE0294 - Yoga Extension
ONCE0295 - Yoga...A Body, Mind And Spirit Workout
ONCE0297 - The Results-Oriented Leader
ONCE0298 - Planning The Perfect Party
ONCE0304 - Arabic Language For Beginners
ONCE0308 - Container Herb Gardening
ONCE0311 - Dances For Weddings
ONCE0313 - Herbaceous Plant Identification: Fall Plants
ONCE0316 - Japanese Language Part I: Conversation And Writing
ONCE0318 - Landscaping With Native Plants
ONCE0323 - Stormwater Tools For The Home And Community
ONCE0327 - Finances For Your Lifetime
ONCE0329 - Selling On Ebay For Beginners
ONCE0339 - Motivating: How To Get Extraordinary Results From Ordinary People
ONCE0362 - The Conservative Roundtable
ONCE0368 - A Workshop for Parents: Surviving the College Application Process
ONCE0369 - Sales 101
ONCE0370 - How to Get Publicity
ONCE0374 - Write Your Life Story
ONCE0375 - Introduction to Window Treatments
ONCE0378 - Intermediate Data Analysis (online)
ONCE0379 - Advanced Data Analysis (online)
ONCE0380 - Introduction to Data Analysis (online)
ONCE0381 - Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Managers (online)
ONCE0384 - Adobe Dreamweaver CS6: Level I (eve)
ONCE0385 - Adobe Dreamweaver CS6: Level II (eve)
ONCE0386 - Marketing Using Social Media (online)
ONCE0387 - Integrating Social Media into Your Organization (online)
ONCE0388 - Improving Email Promotions (online)
ONCE0389 - Boosting Your Website Traffic (online)
ONCE0390 - Online Advertising (online)
ONCE0392 - Keys to Customer Service (online)
ONCE0393 - Extraordinary Customer Service (online)
ONCE0394 - Entrepreneur Boot Camp (online)
ONCE0395 - The Business Plan (online)
ONCE0396 - Entrepreneurial Marketing (online)
ONCE0492 - Windows 8 Made Simple
ONCE0493 - Intro to Business Research (online)
ONCE0494 - Business Statistics (online)
ONCE0495 - Qualitative Business Research (online)
ONCE0501 - Dementia for Family Caregivers (online)
ONCE0502 - Effective Copywriting (online)
ONCE0503 - Introduction to Mobile Marketing (online)
ONCE0504 - Creating Cell Phone Apps for Your Business (non-technical)(online)
ONCE0505 - Advanced Mobile Marketing (online)
ONCE0506 - Students with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)
ONCE0520 - The Art of Providing "Five Diamond" Service
ONCE0522 - Spiritual Philosophies and Practices
ONCE0523 - High-Tech Dec: Interior Design and Social Media
ONCE0524 - From Bad to Great Photos with Your Smartphone
ONCE0527 - Food Blogging 101
ONCE0528 - Screenwriting 101: Write Movies!
ONCE0529 - Plein Air Landscape Painting
ONCE0530 - Connecting the Dots: Seeing the World Through the Eyes of an Artist
ONCE0531 - Safety and Self-Defense for Parents and Teens
ONCE0532 - Stress Less!
ONCE0533 - Designing Successful Webinars (online)
ONCE0534 - Managing and Marketing Webinars
ONCE0535 - Facebook for Business (online)
ONCE0536 - LinkedIn for Business (online)
ONCE0537 - Video Marketing (online)
ONCE0538 - YouTube for Business (online)
ONCE0539 - Google+ (online)
ONCE0540 - Evernote (online)
ONCE0541 - Conflict Management (online)
ONCE0542 - Negotiation: Get What You Want
ONCE0543 - Using Personality Profiles for Better Work Performance (online)
ONCE0544 - LEED Green Associate Exam Preparation & Study Group (online)
ONCE0545 - Interview Skills
ONCE0546 - Revenue Generation for Nonprofits (online)
ONCE0547 - Prezi (online)
ONCE0548 - Cyber Security for Managers (Online)
ONCE0549 - Revenue Generation for Nonprofits (online)
ONCE0550 - Program Evaluation for Nonprofits (online)
ONCE0551 - Photoshop for Presentations
ONCE0552 - Graphic Design for Visual Presentations (online)
ONCE0553 - Gender in the Classroom (Online)
ONCE0554 - Generational Learning Styles for K12 Teachers (Online)
ONCE0555 - Online Learning and Teaching for K12 Teachers (Online)
ONCE0556 - Social Media and Online Tools for K12 Teachers (Online)
ONCE0557 - Success with Aging Parents (Online)
ONCE0558 - Spanish for Medical Professionals (Online)
ONCE0559 - Spanish for Medical Professionals II (Online)
ONCE0560 - Stress Management (Online)
ONCE0562 - Kicking Old Habits
ONCE0567 - Impromptu Speaking: The Art of Thinking on Your Feet
ONCE0568 - Build Yourself and Your Business Through Networking
ONCE0569 - Polishing Your Pitch
ONCE0570 - Introduction to Grant Writing and Administration
ONCE0571 - Blogging for Your Business 101
ONCE0573 - Writing for Publication: Discovering What is Unique About Your Story
ONCE0574 - Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
ONCE0575 - Learning to See Digitally
ONCE0576 - Family Life (book discussion)
ONCE0577 - Introduction to Bats in Pennsylvania
ONCE0578 - Embroider a Stylish Holiday Table Runner
ONCE0579 - Wines of Spain
ONCE0580 - Cooking with Seasonal and Local Ingredients
ONCE0581 - Put Your Garden to Bed and Plan for a Fabulous Spring
ONCE0582 - Uniting the Faiths: Common Spiritual Philosophies
ONCE0587 - Re-entering the Workforce
ONCE0588 - Writing for the Business World
ONCE0589 - Introvert Survival Skills in the Workplace
ONCE0590 - Secrets to a Successful Transition from Colleague to Supervisor
ONCE0591 - Create a Powerful Personal Brand and Attract Your Ideal Clients
ONCE0592 - I'm at a Networking Event, Now What?
ONCE0593 - Power Networking with LinkedIn
ONCE0594 - Build Your Business with LinkedIn
ONCE0595 - Hootsuite Content Scheduler
ONCE0596 - Using Video to Grow Your Small Business
ONCE0597 - Social Media for Authors
ONCE0598 - Writing for the Children's Market from Idea to Contract
ONCE0599 - Writing Nonfiction: What You Need to Know
ONCE0600 - Interior Design Basics for the Homeowner
ONCE0601 - Ordinary People (book discussion)
ONCE0602 - Intro to Filmmaking
ONCE0603 - An Estate Plan Can't Wait
ONCE0604 - Retirement Planning Today
ONCE0605 - Our Revolutionary War
ONCE0606 - Wines of the Southern Hemisphere-Terroir
ONCE0607 - California, Roads Less Traveled: The Un-Napa Tour of California
ONCE0608 - Flower Arranging from Your Own Backyard Garden
ONCE0609 - Is Your Brown Bag Lunch Slowing You Down?
ONCE0610 - StrengthQuest Workshop (ages 13 to 17)
ONCE0611 - Failure 101 (ages 13 to 17)
ONCE0635 - Outdoor Classroom Design and Use
ONCE0636 - The Best of Ted: Leadership and Motivation
ONCE0637 - Create Your Own Videos to Market and Grow Your Business
ONCE0638 - Introduction to PCs and Windows 7
ONCE0639 - Introduction to Wedding Planning
ONCE0640 - Interior Design Trends and Updating Tips
ONCE0641 - Real Mysteries (book discussion)
ONCE0642 - 21st Century Flower Arranging Trends
ONCE0643 - A Survey of Pennsylvania Wines
ONCE0645 - SAT/ACT Combo Prep Course
ONCE0649 - ASM Teachers Camp
ONCE0655 - Being a 21st Century Leader
ONCE0656 - Exceptional Customer Service
ONCE0657 - Managing the Difficult Customer with Tact and Diplomacy
ONCE0658 - History as Fiction and Fiction as History (book discussion)
ONCE0659 - Applying Emotional Intelligence
ONCE0660 - Providing Great Customer Service through Social Media
ONCE0661 - Tools and Techniques for Positive Conflict Resolution
ONCE0662 - Getting Your Affairs in Order
ONCE0663 - Buddhist Meditation II: Deepening Our Practice
ONCE0664 - Business Writing Essentials: Random Acts of Writing
ONCE0665 - Wells, Springs and Cisterns: A Homeowner's Guide to Private Water Systems
ONCE0666 - MS Word 2016: Level I
ONCE0667 - Aquaponics: Deeper Dive
ONCE0668 - MS Excel 2016: Level 1
ONCE0669 - Office Organization: Systems for Clarity and Control
ONCE0670 - Introduction to PCs and Windows 10
ONCE0671 - The Battle of Gettysburg
ONCE0672 - Career Management in the 4th Industrial Age
ONCE0673 - The Multi-Generational Workforce
ONCE0674 - I'm Crazy Busy: Stress Workshop
ONCE0675 - Getting to Know You
ONCE0676 - Managing Your Personal Brand: Beyond the Resume
ONCE0678 - Introduction to HTML5 and CSS
ONCE0679 - Introduction to HTML5 and CSS (TUCC)
ONCE0680 - Access 2016: Level I
ONCE0681 - Access 2016: Level II
ONCE0682 - Access 2016: Level III
ONCE0683 - MS Excel 2016: Level II
ONCE0684 - Write Your Personal Blog
ONCE0685 - MS Excel 2016: Level III
ONCE0686 - PowerPoint 2016: Level I
ONCE0687 - Write Your Story, the One Only You Can Tell
ONCE0688 - Taking Yourself Seriously as a Writer
ONCE0689 - Creative Writing Workshop: One-Day Intensive
ONCE0690 - Italian Wine Stars
ONCE0691 - Pinot Noirs of the World
ONCE0692 - GMAT Test Prep
ONCE0693 - GRE Test Prep
ONCE0694 - LSAT Test Prep
ONCE0700 - Tips for Positive Conflict Resolution
ONCE0701 - I'm Crazy Busy: Stress Reduction
ONCE0702 - How to Navigate Networking Conversations: What to Say and How to Enter & Exit Them Gracefully
ONCE0707 - Families: Happy and Unhappy (book discussion)
ONCE0708 - Data Visualization
ONCE0709 - Discover the Leader in You
ONCE0710 - LinkedIn Content Marketing & Thought Leadership
ONCE0711 - Publishing Law
ONCE0712 - Book It! An Overview of the Publishing Industry
ONCE0713 - Finding and Telling Your Story
ONCE0714 - Planning Your Perfect Wedding – DIY Style
ONCE0715 - Wedding Planning: Branding Yourself and Your Business
ONCE0716 - One Day Design
ONCE0717 - De-cluttering and Organizing to Age in Place
ONCE0718 - Highs in the Low 60’s: Music 1960-64
ONCE0719 - Embroidery Nirvana
ONCE0720 - Wines of Southern France*
ONCE0721 - Emerging Wine Regions: Portugal and Greece*
ONCE0722 - Composting is Easy!
ONCE0723 - Creating Your Cut Flower Garden
ONCE0724 - Footloose and Fancy Free Flower Arranging
ONCE0725 - Brain Freeze or Brain on Fire: How Stress Hurts Your Health and Kills Your Productivity
ONCE0726 - Finances for Your Lifetime (Lunch and Learn)
ONCE0729 - Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Fundamentals (Online)
ONCE0730 - Introduction to 3D Printing (Online)
ONCE0731 - 3D Printed Science and Math: Visualizations and Experiments (Online)
ONCE0732 - GRE Strategy Workshop
ONCE0733 - GMAT Strategy Workshop
ONCE0734 - Network Like a Rock Star from Your Office Chair
ONCE0743 - SAT Exam Preparation – One-Week Intensive (Ages 14-18)
ONCE0755 - LSAT Strategy Workshop
ONCE0764 - Tattered Pieces: A Charleston Daughter Explores Loss, Faith and Forgiveness
ONCE0768 - Professional Excellence 101
ONCE0769 - Advance Your Personal Brand and Business: One-Week Intensive
ONCE0770 - Beyond Whodunnit: Mysteries of Identity (book discussion)
ONCE0771 - Our Surroundings Inspire and Release Creativity
ONCE0772 - New York Wines
ONCE0773 - Kitchen and Bath Design
ONCE0774 - Digital Darkroom: Beyond the Basics of Photoshop
ONCE0775 - Garden Photography: Color, Light, Beauty
ONCE0776 - Inside-Out Design: Design Ideas for Outdoor Living Spaces
ONCE0777 - Write a College Essay and Resume that Reflect the Real You
ONCE0779 - Emotional Agility: Managing Emotions
SMC0002 - Social Media Marketing
SMC0003 - Search Engine Optimization
SMC0005 - Intro to Web Design and Development
SMC0007 - Digital Analytics and Reporting